Six Great Reasons Why Effective CEOs Attend The CEOs Summit

CEOs Summit at the Better Boards Conference

1. It’s lonely at the top
The role of CEO can be a lonely one, caught between the strategic drive of the board and the operational management of staff. As the public figurehead, CEOs are lauded for successes and blamed for failures, regardless of mitigating circumstances or unavoidable setbacks. The CEOs Summit provides an ideal opportunity to escape your silo and be around other CEOs to discuss the challenges that are peculiar to this role and seek context, perspective and a new outlook. As the most senior executive in your organisation, there isn’t always someone to give you open and honest feedback about how you can improve your performance, but your peers can do this.


2. Peer learning
Learning from others’ experiences and taking on their feedback is a great way to benchmark your governance and leadership knowledge and skills. Much can be learnt from other attendees in addition to the conference speakers. Gain insights and share your experiences and perspectives with other leaders. Discover commonality with executives in other industries who might also lead a small organisation with funding challenges or face similar issues with transforming staff culture and have the tried-and-tested answers you were looking for. Other delegates can offer real industry knowledge and advice that is practical and up-to-date.


3. Never stop networking
The CEOs Summit is a great opportunity to develop new networks with other CEOs in the not-for-profit sector. The intimate feel of the CEOs Summit creates an ideal environment for fostering new connections with other professionals from the sector and generating collaborative opportunities. Most CEOs have strong connections with other organisations and executives in their industry, but limited contact with other not-for-profit organisations, which can provide extensive opportunities for sharing, collaborating and gaining insights.


4. Keep up with new ideas
Learn about cutting edge ideas and keeping up with new practices and processes with an industry perspective. Presentations grounded in contemporary practice and personal experience will provide delegates with up-to-date insights and real-world examples. Consider old and new challenges with a different perspective. Attending the CEOs Summit might help to plug some knowledge gaps that you didn’t even know you had. The content and themes will be relevant no matter what type or size organisation you serve.


5. Prepare for the future
CEOs of cutting edge organisations have recognised that they and their organisations have moved to a world of few constraints and many variables. It is no longer a just case of “disrupt or be disrupted”, “adapt or die”, but one of governing and leading throughout the unpredictable. This year’s CEOs Summit and Better Boards Conference aims to highlight practical strategies that leaders can implement to ensure the successful governance and leadership of their not-for-profit organisation in a rapidly evolving environment.


6. Re-engage and re-energise
Engage with others in the sector and take inspiration from their great ideas. Renew your confidence to tackle challenging situations with tools and practical strategies, and find comfort in the knowledge that the audience share many of the same highs and lows of the leadership role. Take a day to focus on your approach to leadership, refresh your perspectives, share experiences and extend your networks.


Register online for the CEOs Summit in Brisbane on 2nd August 2019.

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