Better Boards Announces 2016 Remuneration Survey


The NFP Board Remuneration Survey 2016 has opened. Better Boards invites boards of non-profit organisations to nominate a representative to complete the survey on their behalf to share the board’s experiences and opinions on the subject of non-profit board member remuneration.


Go into the draw to send a representative of your organisation to the Better Boards Conference 2016.
By entering your contact information on the last page of the survey your organisation will enter a draw to win one ticket to the Main Conference at the Better Boards Conference 2016. To be eligible, respondents must submit a valid and complete response to the survey. Registrations are subject to terms and conditions. All survey participants will be sent a copy of the final Report.


Better Boards is undertaking this survey in order to better understand the prevalence of board remuneration in the non-profit sector as well as the thoughts and opinions that exist on this topic within the sector. The issue of remuneration is a contentious one with many organisations either strongly in favour of, or opposed to, paying board members in positions that have traditionally been voluntary.


Through this survey, Better Boards hopes to expand on the findings of the 2011 and 2012-13 surveys and continue to map trends emerging in this area. The survey will also provide valuable insights to non-profit organisations, boards, board members and others in the non-profit sector on practices surrounding board remuneration.


Whether or not your board is remunerated, and whether or not you support remuneration, we want to hear about your board’s experiences and opinions.


The survey can be found at this link:


Please note that this survey is designed to be completed by a single representative of the board.


The data collection period for this survey will close on the 31st May, 2016.

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