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Opening Keynote

Alex Malley (no slides accompanied this presentation).

Concurrent CEO’s Workshops #1

A) What Boards Think They Do, What They Do, And The Implications For Practice. Gavin Nicholson

B) The Imperfect CEO. Kevin Larkins

C) Building A Pipeline: A Case Study Of Leadership Development. Erica Lewis & Ruth Pitt

D) New Paradigm Of Individualised Care Funding: Financial & Legal Implications + Worksheet. Ken Leigh & Linda Hayes

Panel Discussion: NFPs, Business & Social Projects 

no slides accompanied this panel.

Concurrent CEO’s Workshops #2

A) Harnessing the Potential of Non-profit Leadership: Meeting Expectations And Achieving High Levels Of Performance. Yvonne Harrison (USA)

B) From Board Member To CEO: The Protocols. Victor Hamit

C) Leadership In A Sustainable Organisation. Howard Nielsen with Karyn Walsh, Sherryn West & Briannon Stevens

D) Dealing With Difficult Board Members. Sallie Saunders

CEO’s Day Closing Keynote Presentation

The Elephant In The Room: Is It Them, Or Me? Dr Lindsay McMillan


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Panel Presentation: NFPs & The Productivity Commission

Robert Fitzgerald  (no slides accompanied this presentation)
Gerard Menses  (no slides accompanied this presentation)
David Locke

Concurrent Workshops #1

A) NFP Boards And Intellectual Property. Peter Francis

B) Challenge Thinking For A Changing Environment. Kerri Tilby-Price (NZ)

C) Measuring Board Effectiveness In An Ever Increasing Regulated Environment. Andrew Birch & Lynne Evans

D) NFP Reforms For Small Non-profit Organisations. Sallie Saunders

E) Ensuring Good Chair/Board Relationships. Gerard Menses

12.00pm Concurrent Workshops #2

A) Do It Yourself: Self Assessing Management And Governance Of Non Profit Organisations. Albert Kuruvila (NZ)

B) How To Report The Value Of Volunteer Labour In Financial Statements. Ken Leigh & Linda Hayes

C) Achieving Sustainable Client Services And A Positive Outcome By Being Proactive In The Face Of Change. Lesley Morris with Sherryl Cain & Indra Arunachalam

D) The Importance Of Good Governance For CEOs. Patrick Herd

E) Carbon Proofing Your Business. Howard Nielsen & Sherryn West

Keynote Presentation

Leadership in Times of Change. David Locke (no slides accompanied this presentation).

Panel Discussion: Legalities & Realities of Governing Toward 2020

no slides accompanied this panel

Plenary Presentation

NFPs 2012-2020: Where We Are Now, Where We Will Be And How We’ll Transition. Michael Goldsworthy

Keynote Presentation

New Directions In Non-Profit Governance And Their Implications For Practice. Yvonne Harrision (USA)


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Keynote Presentation

Gender Diversity Challenges And Opportunities For Non-Profit Leaders. Claire Braund

Concurrent Workshops #3

A) CEOs And Board Members: Whither The Legal Difference. Brian Herd

B) Constructing A Board Able To Contribute To 2020 Outcomes. Martin Laverty

C) Overcoming The Greatest Challenges To Board Effectiveness. Yvonne Harrison (USA)

D) Emerging Big Issues And Hot Topics For NFPs. Michael Goldsworthy

E) The Path To Sustainability… Stories From Not For Profit Pioneers. Shasi Johnston

Concurrent Workshops #4

A) Pathways To Good Governance. James Beck

B) Engendering Trust And Confidence In The Not For Profit Sector. Catherine Daley

C) Toward 2020, Reality Check. Dr Lindsay McMillan

D) Nonprofit Boards, Heads In The Cloud. Morri Young

E) Future Savvy Leaders: Legally Preparing You For Board Meetings In 2020. Vera Visevic

Panel Discussion: NFPs, Place In Society & Economy

Dr Lindsay McMillan (no slides available)
Tim Costello (no slides available)
Les Hems
Victor Hamit

Closing Keynote Presentation  (no slides accompanied this presentation)

Rising To The Challenge: Navigating Leadership Pathways Toward 2020. Tim Costello



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