Better Boards Launches SproutCast Podcast



Better Boards has recently launched a new podcast, SproutCast.


On SproutCast we chat with changemakers, social entrepreneurs and innovators, and for purpose leaders about how to create positive impact in society and shape a better world. In each episode you’ll discover actionable tips, tactics, strategies, insights and advice on a wide range of areas including: starting and growing a social enterprise or non-profit organisation, joining a non-profit or for purpose board, improving your leadership skills and much more. Listen to find out exactly what it takes to have a positive impact on society and make the world a better place.


For more information, see the SproutCast homepage.



Recent episode list:


Episode 1: Rhys Williams on founding the West Australian based social enterprise The Makers and his experience as a young person on non-profit boards. Rhys offers great advice and insights for aspiring social enterprise founders and non-profit board members.


Episode 2: Stephanie Lorenzo on how she came to be working in the social enterprise space and where the organisation she started, Project Futures, is headed.


Episode 3: Tom Dawkins of StartSomeGood on how he got started in the non-profit space, how crowd funding can benefit your non-profit organisation and much more.


Episode 4: Aaron Hurst of Imperative on social entrepreneurship and the purpose economy


Episode 5: Krista Seddon of YWCA Victoria on joining boards, being a non-profit director and philanthropy


Episode 6: Jennene Buckley of Feros Care on innovation, organisational culture, aged care and ageing well.


Episode 7: Peter Ball of The Impact Academy on the social enterprise model, starting a social enterprise and boards in early stage startups.


Episode 8: Michael Dawson of CBB the not4profit people shares his insights on social enterprise and thoughts on the exciting things happening in Australian non-profits


Episode 9: Jessica Macpherson of St Kilda Mums shares her journey of creating a non-profit organisation from her kitchen


Episode 10: Kristie Looney of Property Initiative Real Estate on founding a social enterprise to fund an established non-profit organisation


Episode 11: Rob Lockhart of the Davidson Institute on critical first steps and financial considerations when starting a social enterprise


Episode 12: Elise Sernik of Leadership Space on Social Purpose, Improving Your Leadership Style and Power and Politics around the Board Table


Episode 13: Vinesh George talks about branding your social enterprise or non-profit


Episode 14: Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald of Bright Sparks Australia speaks about founding a social enterprise


Episode 15: Tony Nicholls from Good Talent Media on communications, public relations and managing the media


Episode 16: Steven Speldewinde from The Social Deck shares great tips for startup social enterprises


Episode 17: Alicia Curtis on how serving on a non-profit board can mean your big ideas have big impact


Episode 18: Dr Jason Fox discusses how to lead a quest and how to be a pioneering leader


Episode 19: Alicia Darvall on B Corporations & Social Enterprises in Australia


Episode 20: Chris Raine on partnerships, the downside of NFP structures and finding purpose in your work


Episode 21: Stephanie Woollard on international development, grassroots change & running an organisation in two countries


Episode 22: Felicity Green on partnerships and creating shared value


Episode 23: Geoff Gourley on impact investing

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