Better Boards Releases 2012-13 Remuneration Report


Better Boards is delighted to announce the release of the Better Boards Non-Profit Board Member Remuneration Report 2012-13.


This report investigates possible trends and themes in the practices surrounding financial compensation received by directors serving on boards of non-profit organisations. The results of this report are based on a survey undertaken by Better Boards and build on the findings of the Better Boards Non-Profit Board Member Remuneration Report 2011. Better Boards Australasia undertook this survey in order to better understand the predominance of board remuneration in the non-profit sector as well some of the thoughts and opinions prevalent in the sector in the 2012-13 survey period.


The report endeavours to answer some of the burning questions about board remuneration brewing in the sector:


  • How much are remunerated board members paid?
  • Do board-remunerating organisations determine remuneration based on the board’s performance?
  • What factors deter organisations from remunerating their board?
  • How much support is there for board remuneration amongst
    non-remunerated board members?
  • What other types of practices do non-remunerated boards have in place to compensate directors for their time and expertise?


This report is available free of charge to members of BoardWise.


The Better Boards team would like to thank all those who took part in survey. We trust that you will find the report both informative and useful.


The full report is available through BoardWise.

A third Remuneration Research project will be conducted in 2016. Subscribe to the Better Boards Newsletter for updates.

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