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Welcome to the 2014 Better Boards Conference!


We will be blogging over the whole weekend so keep checking back at this page for the latest updates on what’s happening around the conference. Whether you’re attending this year or keeping an eye on proceedings from a distance, we’ll have plenty of updates and highlights to share with you. Please feel free to engage with us here in the comments below or through social media. We are tweeting from @betterboards, share your tweets with us and other delegates by using the hashtag #betterboards


For coverage of yesterday’s CEO’s Day and Board Innovation Tour, head over to Friday’s Live Blog to relive all of the action. We will also be blogging on the second day of the conference in our Sunday Live Blog.



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This marks the end of our reporting on Saturday 2nd of August 2014 at the Better Boards Conference. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of today’s proceedings and we look forward to welcoming you back tomorrow. Make sure you remember to bring back your Main Conference tickets and lanyards tomorrow! For those of you following online, we hope you’ll join us again tomorrow morning.


For those of you joining us tonight for the Gala Dinner, we’ll see you back here at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 6.45pm this evening for some socialisation, relaxation and fun!





More from Brian Herd:
The morphing of membership – some competitors of members

  • supporters
  • donors
  • volunteers
  • partners
  • followers
  • bequesters
  • involvers
  • eventers
  • granters of wishers








Joining an organisation as a member is now redundant to contributing. You can effectively contribute in many other ways.Brian Herd



Some great photos coming through from our current workshop sessions:







Question:How do you make sure that a merger or acquisition will work – what if you can’t find another organisation whose values are aligned with yours?


“”Values” is a lot more complicated than people think it is. Within the core values is a subset called DNA – that’s the thing that reject people out of the tribe if there isn’t a good fit. Organisations tend to have 4 or 5 values, but only 1 or 2 of those are part of your DNA and that’s what you need alignment with to build a partnership. If you’re not aligned with that it just won’t work.”Michel Hogan










Thoughts from Clive Blunt‘s presentation: Organisations should have a CDO – Chief Disruption Officer – which is not a role but a function and can be taken up by anyone at anytime. This person will ask the meaty questions and disrupt and redirect our thinking. But organisations need to stay focused on what it is doing and what it stands for. He says that if you’ve got a differentiator that’s great – but it’s not just about the branding – it’s about what you stand for and you need to make sure that your board is clear on that in everything it does.




“Encourage proper conversation around performance. If you can’t have that then the conversations you’re having probably aren’t working.”Clive Blunt


Time for another set of concurrent workshops, next up: Michel Hogan with “Brand in the Boardroom”; Clive Blunt with “Professional Insurgency – A Guide to Achieving Step Change in Governance”; James Beck with “Boardroom Dynamics Workshop: What is Your Director Personality?” and Mark Toomey on “Digital Leadership and Governance of I.T. in the Third Sector”


Heaps of great tweets coming through using this year’s conference hashtag #betterboards from the first session of concurrent workshops:












After another great lunch, we’re back in workshops for some more detailed discussion of a great variety of issues, challenges, opportunities and innovations that affect NFPs and the industries and sectors in which they operate. In the first set of workshops we’ll be hearing from Susan Pascoe in a panel on the future of charity regulation, accompanied by Paul Ostrowski and Vera Visevic; we also have Kerri Tilby-Price on “Vision Driven – Why Traditional Vision Statements Don’t Work and What You Can Do About It”; Elise Sernik and Melissa Macpherson on “Unleashing the Power of Purpose”; David Buley on “Challenging your Organisation’s Strategy and Spotting the Fakes” and Steve Mav on “Delivering Service Value in a Complex Environment.


Time to bring out our panel to discuss and take questions on the conference theme re-think, re-invent and re-launch. What are your questions for Cynthia Payne and Philip Oude-Vrielink.



“We no longer have a monopoly on passion, purpose and altruistic mission”Michael Goldsworthy











“If we are going to put ourselves in a situation where we’re not realistic to the situation we’re in, then we will face trouble. We need to put ourselves in the helicopter – move forward and lift ourselves above our organisations and current environment.”Michael Goldsworthy





Next up a plenary presentation from Michael Goldsworthy: On Your Marks, Get Set…Go! is an exploration of our conference theme re-think, re-invent, re-launch






After a wonderful opening keynote from Rachel Botsman and a quick morning tea break to discuss and digest what we learnt, it’s on to our next plenary speaker: Australian Strategic Services’ Michael Goldsworthy.



More questions for Rachel Botsman coming in:
How do we initiate an immediate shift in the current paradigms of long term board members?
Get them engaging in these new forms of disruption and get them talking about it – in boardrooms. Practice and experiment on these new ideas.






Supply and demand are terms we all know, but how can we think about it in different ways and unlock hidden capacity for connecting two elements in different ways? – Ideas from Rachel Botsman



You can’t put the genie back in the bottle… You can’t reverse the change. Technology is leading change.Rachel Botsman



How do you and your organisation handle change and new ideas? Do you stick your head in the sand, fight it or pioneer your way through?



So many people here today – This is very exciting!





And we’re off! Our first keynote speaker for the Main Conference has taken to the stage. Asking some important questions: How can we lead through change? How can we develop the mindset to pioneer?


We’ll be kicking things off in Hall F in about 10 minutes. This is your last chance to grab a coffee and make sure you have everything you need. After a welcome from the Conference Chair Michael Goldsworthy and our MC Keith Suter, we’ll be jumping straight into our action-packed program, starting with a keynote from Rachel Botsman, Author & Founder of Collaborative Lab.



If you attended CEO’s Day or the Board Innovation Tour yesterday and have your lanyard and Main Conference ticket on you then there’s no need to register again, just grab a coffee and have a chat or head on in to Hall F, where we will be starting the day’s proceedings shortly.



Limited tickets are still available for the Gala Dinner tonight. Ask one of the staff members at registration for more information if you’d like to attend the dinner, which will also be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre tonight from 6.45pm



Registration is now open. Head on over to the friendly staff at the registration desk to collect your tickets and delegate packs. If you had your tickets posted to you, we’d still love to see you over here to sign in – and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fantastic 2014 Better Boards Conference Magazine, packed full of extra content from speakers and the all-important conference program and we also need to make sure you’ve grabbed your stylish delegate tote bag.


Good morning Board Members and CEOs!
A warm welcome to all new and returning delegates to the 8th Australasian Better Boards Conference. This year we are coming to you from Adelaide, at the wonderful Adelaide Convention Centre. We are looking forward to welcoming some new local faces in addition to many returning and the growing number travelling over from New Zealand.



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