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Welcome to the 2014 Better Boards Conference!


We have been blogging over the whole weekend so keep checking back at this page for the latest updates on what’s happening around the conference. Whether you’re attending this year or keeping an eye on proceedings from a distance, we’ll have plenty of updates and highlights to share with you. Please feel free to engage with us here in the comments below or through social media. We will also be tweeting from @betterboards, share your tweets with us and other delegates by using the hashtag #betterboards


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This marks the end of our coverage of events for Sunday 3rd of August 2014, the final day of the 2014 Better Boards Conference. We trust that all delegates have found the experience enlightening and rewarding. Please feel free to continue to send through your thoughts, feedback and questions. We will be sharing wrap up thoughts and content in the coming days. Join 2,000+ other Board Members and CEOs by subscribing to our free monthly newsletter to keep in touch and receive an original article and additional reading in your inbox.



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“Don’t focus too much on benchmarking or you will look like the competition. Don’t focus on the competition but on the blue ocean horizon.”Keith Suter







It’s now time for our final session of the Conference. We’re back in the main Plenary for a buffet lunch with our MC Keith Suter and Conference Chair Michael Goldsworthy to consolidate the messages of the Conference and re-iterate our Conference theme of re-think, re-invent, re-launch







“It’s important to turn your big data into stories that people can connect with to help to convey your achievements.”Chris O’Neill



“Personalisation through big data is a great opportunity to identify and communicate effectively with prospective donors and clients.
Chris O’Neill


Some great tweets coming through from our last session of concurrent workshops:




Next up is our final session of concurrent workshops for the weekend. We’ve got Chris O’Neill on “The Data Driven Charity”; Robert Gordon on “Dealing with Damn Difficult Directors”; Nicole Swaine and Liz Forsyth with “Increasing Board Opportunities for Young Women: A Case Study” and Jason Watson and Saioa Echevarria Indianez on “Trade Marks and Branding for Not-for-profit Organisations”.










“Give voices of dissent a platform because when you do that you show you’re not afraid to deal with challenges. This is a much more effective way of handling people who don’t agree with you. Demonstrate a capacity to deal effectively with conflict.”Randall Pearce




“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Just because you can make decisions, doesn’t mean you should make them, make all of them, or make them by yourselves. You’ll arrive at better decisions if you invite more people to help you make that decision.”Randall Pearce



Next up, our third session of concurrent workshops for the weekend. We’ve got Sabine Phillips and Sophie McNamara with “Passion and Professionalism: Managing the Performance of a Volunteer Board”; Peter Kaldor and Ian Pollard on “ReThinking Leadership: Growing Leadership Capacity in the Face of Continuous and Complex Change”; Russell Martoo with “Disposing of a Property Asset”; Michael Corry on “Re Launch your Engagement with Finance – 10 Key Questions to Promote Open Dialogue” and Randall Pearce on “Sharing the Power with the People: How Boards Can Use Dialogue and Deliberation with Stakeholders”.



Some great quotes from our speakers:

Amalgamations/mergers still come back to undertaking analysis and ensuring you have the same vision. You need to do it in a way that is transparent and respectful to both sides.Catherine Daley


No matter what the background processes are – you need to keep your eye on your services and make sure you are not losing sight of the needs of your clients.Bill Filmer



You need to manage the uncertainty of an amalgamation/merger process. Sometimes the executive will try to prevent this by saying to staff that no one will lose their jobs in the process but keep in mind: Will staff believe this? And is this something we can actually manage? If further down the track (even years later) someone loses their job, this will often be blamed on the merger. Be very careful if you make this commitment.Paul Ostrowski


Some great questions coming in for our panel, and it’s time to vote on the greatest challenges for a board in successfully delivering an amalgamation or merger project:
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Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 9.38.46 AM

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First up, we have a plenary panel on “Strategic Relationships, Amalgamations, Mergers and Partnerships”, with Catherine Daley, Paul Ostrowski and Bill Filmer



Good morning again Board Members and CEOs! Welcome back for the final day of the 2014 Better Boards Conference. We have another jam-packed schedule for you today. Highlights include our opening panel this morning with a timely discussion of strategic relationships, amalgamations, mergers & partnerships. Randall Pearce’s presentation on engaging with stakeholders to make better decisions is another to look out for in. Chris O’Neill



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