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Welcome to the 7th Australasian Better Boards Conference!


We will be blogging over the whole weekend so keep checking back at this page for the latest updates on what’s happening around the conference. Whether you’re attending this year or keeping an eye on proceedings from a distance, we’ll have plenty of updates and highlights to share with you.





Welcome to CEO’s Day at the 7th Australasian Better Boards Conference, 2013.


Today’s highlights include a Breakfast Briefing from Julie White, CEO of Chief Executive Women and a keynote from John Fletcher, Chairman of Midas. There will also be two concurrent sessions of workshops and a Plenary Debate on whether the CEO should be a voting member of the board.


Later today we will also be running a Chair’s and Treasurer’s Afternoon for the first time. This will commence at 2pm and involve two workshops and an afternoon tea.


We hope that you find today informative and enlightening. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to seek out one of the conference staff in a green Better Boards shirt.



This Live Blog is now closed. View Saturday’s coverage here.





Registration opens at 8am tomorrow morning. We will be on the ground floor of the MCEC and the first session is in Plenary 3.





And after some detailed questions and vibrant discussion from the delegates in Vera Visevic’s Chair’s workshop, the first day of the 7th Australasian Better Boards Conference is drawing to a close. We’re looking forward to welcoming many delegates back tomorrow morning, bright and early and to meeting many more of you for the beginning of the full conference sessions.





5.03pm Vera Visevic has supplied delegates with a very helpful Agenda Checklist to guide them through all the vital aspects of the agenda and minutes that, in her experience, some NFP boards neglect to include.



4.35pm Returning to the Chair’s and Treasurer’s Afternoon stream (very confusing, we know!), Vera Visevic has returned to the Better Boards Conference again this week. This year she is speaking on the importance of getting the minutes and agendas right and how accurate and detailed minutes can protect board members and organisations if problems arise.



4.31pm John Fletcher has offered a considered perspective of leadership and outlines the challenge that change has furnished him throughout his career, but more importantly the opportunity. He suggests that leaders “develop an atmosphere that welcomes change.”



4.26pm John Fletcher is explaining why an organisation’s values can’t be imposed top-down — it won’t work.


“Get the people involved. Ask the people who work in the organisation what they think the values should be” – John Fletcher



4.10pm This blog has now returned to the CEO’s Day stream for the final session of the day. Our speaker is John Fletcher, the former CEO of Brambles and Coles and current Chairman of Midas. He is speaking on Leadership Through Change.



3.14pm The first Treasurer’s Workshop is taking place next door where Dr Eva Tsahuridu and Ram Subramanian from CPA are presenting on “Governance and Reporting Considerations in the New World of NFPs and the ACNC”.



3.09pm Kevin Larkins is now facilitating the first of the two Chair’s workshops for this afternoon. He is speaking on “Leadership in Turbulent Times”





2.42pm The Better Boards team would like to thank Kevin Larkins for stepping in at the last minute to open the Chair’s and Treasurer’s Afternoon for us today in the stead of Michael Goldsworthy who was unfortunately unable to make it to make it today. Kevin spoke on the necessity for flexibility and adaptability in governance.



2.35pm And now to take a different turn, we’d like to welcome you to the Chair’s and Treasurer’s Afternoon. 2013 is the first year that the Better Boards Conference has held an event for Chairs and Treasurers on Friday alongside our always popular CEO’s sessions. As with CEO’s Day, this Afternoon is an intimate gathering of those working in the same role and offers an opportunity to to share and engage with peers











Joanne offers some final thoughts on social enterprises:


“Get the structuring right. Think about why it is you are setting up a social enterprise. Think about how to go about it without dragging down what you’ve already established.”





Joanne O’Brien has outlined two interesting examples of organisations that have set up social enterprises within their existing NFP. One example outlined how one organisation has achieved this despite the challenges of working within a government funding model.



Joanne O’Brien advises the use of the Company Limited by Guarantee structure for anything but very small not-for-profit organisations:


“If you’re running any kind of business, I don’t think the Incorporated Association legislation servers you well.”



This blog is now reporting from Joanne O’Brien’s workshop on How to Kick Start a Social Enterprise.







Here’s just some of the great questions coming in our Pigeonhole Q&A system!



Delegates are now asking questions of the panel through our online Q&A system being trialled this year.





“Governance is not one person’s responsibility. It’s everyone’s responsibility.” – Sabine Phillips





“The CEO should be a voting member of the board because we’re all in this together” – Martin Laverty



It’s time for the first Plenary Debate of the weekend. “MD or CEO: Should the CEO be a Voting Member of the Board?”



It’s time for the morning tea break. Make sure to visit the trade area while you’re enjoying a coffee and something to eat in Room 220



“Leadership is an action, not a position. Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” – Jenny Gray



CEO’s Day is a great opportunity for some frank and open discussion in an intimate setting with other CEOs. Jenny Gray has just offered a delegate some specific advice on dealing with staffing challenges.




“Team building is not a box that you tick — it’s ongoing” – Jenny Gray



This blog is now in Jenny Gray’s workshop — learning about the importance of communication, feedback and teambuilding in leadership.



Julie White is up now. Everyone seems to be enjoying their breakfasts!



Thanks to Jackie Furey for her warm welcome. We’ll be sure to find you over the weekend if we require any psychotherapy!





Jackie Furey welcoming everyone to CEO’s Day


Good morning CEOs! Registration is open. Come on up to level two and sign in and let’s kick off this conference!


Focusing on governance & leadership for leaders of Australasia’s non-profit organisations, this popular conference is specifically curated for Chief Executive Officers, board members and senior managers from the non-profit world.


The workshops and presentations will focus on discussing an discovering practical solutions and actions to help navigate approaching challenges within the sector and make a difference in your organisation.

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