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Welcome to the 7th Australasian Better Boards Conference!


We are live blogging over the whole weekend so keep checking back at this page for the latest updates on what’s happening around the conference. Whether you’re attending this year or keeping an eye on proceedings from a distance, we’ll have plenty of updates and highlights to share with you.


View the coverage of CEO’s Day and Chair’s and Treasurer’s Afternoon





Welcome everyone to the first day of the full Better Boards Conference, and welcome back to those returning to us after yesterday’s CEO’s Day and Chair’s and Treasurer’s Afternoon.


Today will feature four separate sessions of concurrent workshops with five streams to choose from in each, a plenary debate on board member remuneration in the and a keynote address from Nina Terrey, Partner at ThinkPlace. So get set for an exciting and educative day, whether you’re joining us today or keeping track of the proceedings from home.


For those of you joining us for the Gala Dinner this evening, please make sure that you have your dinner ticket and we look forward to dining with you later this evening.



This Live Blog is now closed. View Sunday’s coverage here.



And with the end of this strain of workshops, this marks the end of the formal proceedings for today, a very educational and inspirational learning experience.


For those of you joining us tonight at the Melbourne Aquarium — we’re looking forward to seeing you there!





“Proper delineation of responsibility — separation of powers, if you like — is critical to the board’s contribution to organisational performance.” – Martin Laverty



“Most boards have been found not to be deeply involved in strategy. Mostly it is the CEO who pursues a particular path and the board simply signs off on it.” – Martin Laverty






This blog is now reporting from Martin Laverty’s presentation on two-tiered governance.



At final count we had 66 questions questions submitted by delegates in the NFP Board Remuneration debate!





“If your board was abducted by aliens… apart from noticing whether they were gone, would you pay to get them back? If you’re not going to pay to get them back, why would you pay to keep them?” – Brian Herd








So many great questions coming in from the audience in Our Debate!





And we’re back in the Plenary for the Debate — Board Remuneration: To Pay or Not to Pay?






Some more great tweets coming in:




“They [board members] might do it for free but they don’t do it for nothing” – Philip Mayers



Some great questions being asked in Philip Mayers’ workshop on the role of the nominating questions. When asked how to recruit the Chair, Philip responded.


“One of the best things a chair can do is get a better chair to replace them… You do need to groom someone for the position. It’s not just a matter of rotation. Look for potential as well as the right skillset.” – Philip Mayers



David Hey-Cunningham has supplied delegates with a comprehensive guide to financial reporting.




After morning tea we’re back with David Hey-Cunningham’s workshop on financial reporting to the board.
Currently he is speaking on the craziness of filing accounts alphabetically.





“Design is about thinking about the whole system comes together. The whole system is about the people, the process, the tools and the narrative that links them.” – Nina Terrey



“Leaders need to accept some uncertainty. We need to move away from using analysis to manage risk — to acting and doing.” – Nina Terrey



Up next is Dr Nina Terrey, speaking on Leading on the edge of innovation.



There’s some great tweets coming in on the #BBC2013 hashtag from delegates. Wonderful to have the interaction, keep it coming!





Thanks for the photo, Joanna!



We’re in the Plenary for the conference opening with Jackie Furey.



Good morning everyone! Hopefully you’re all awake and ready to talk governance and leadership!
The first few delegates are starting to arrive



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