Governance (R)evolution — Strategies For Success

The Better Boards Conference provides governance and leadership knowledge and training for directors and CEOs of not-for-profit organisations.
The Better Boards Conference 2019 will be held in Brisbane. We look forward to seeing you at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on 1–4 August 2019.
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The Better Boards Conference theme for 2019 is:

Governance (R)evolution — Strategies For Success

The not-for-profit landscape is in constant motion. Our operating environment is continuously morphing, competitors rise and fall, markets and customers change, technologies emerge and become obsolete, laws and legislation are modified. To remain financially sustainable, organisations must develop successful growth strategies and be agile.


Change can come from multiple directions – sometimes through the normal flow of evolution, other times as a radical revolution. In both cases, a thorough assessment of the path forward is critical. As is ensuring the strength and integrity of the board members and leadership team who will guide your organisation’s strategic development and growth.


The Better Boards Conference 2019 will bring together practical ideas, knowledge and a range of tools and processes to assist all not-for-profit boards and CEOs with their governance and leadership in this environment. We will explore the concepts affecting successful and sustainable governance. Is your organisation facing evolution or revolution?

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Better Boards Australasia connects the leaders of Australasian non-profit organisations to the knowledge and networks necessary to grow and develop their leadership skills and build a strong governance framework for their organisation.

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