Seven Great Reasons Why Boards Should Attend the Better Boards Conference


1. Get out and about with your board hat on
Take your board thinking outside of the boardroom. Sometimes board members can become distanced from what’s really going on in their organisation or the wider sector. Even highly experienced board members can become stuck in a rut of the same practices and strategies. Getting out and about with your board can shake up your thinking and inject your board, and the whole organisation, with revitalising new ideas, innovations, strategies and experiences. The Board Innovation Tour, held on Friday the 1st of August is a great opportunity for board members who are looking to think outside the box and inspire new ways of thinking and doing governance.


2. Learn as a team
Research suggests that learning in groups or teams can significantly improve the effectiveness of your learning. Governance is not a solitary activity; attending the conference as a team will help your whole board to consolidate their skills and knowledge and streamline the process of turning learning into practice. Share and debate ideas with the rest of the board or other colleagues from the sector over the weekend and hone your thinking. Why not even make the Monday following the conference your annual planning day and put those new ideas and strategies to work straight away?


3. Keep up with new ideas
We never stop learning and this is just as true of those at the highest levels of an organisation as it is of the newest recruit. There is always some new tactic, system, standard or theory to be learnt. Attending the Better Boards Conference might help you to plug some knowledge gaps that you didn’t even know you had. The content and subjects presented at the Conference vary greatly and there is something for everyone, no matter their level of experience or the size of the organisation they serve.


4. Develop your skills
The Better Boards Conference provides industry learning and advice from practitioners who have been in the places you’ve been and experts who have guided many others down the same path. Presentations are grounded in practice and presenters are encouraged to provide delegates with take home tips and tools to put into action in their organisations.


5. Never stop networking
The Better Boards Conference is a great opportunity to foster your relationships with other board members and senior managers in the non-profit sector. The conference provides an opportunity for board members from vastly different organisations to come together and share their common experiences. Many board members have strong connections with other organisations and executives in their industry, but limited contact with other similarly structured organisations that might be encountering the same challenges and developing surprising tactics and strategies with which to tackle them. Fostering these networks can also generate collaborative opportunities for you and your organisation.


6. Prepare for the future
These are turbulent times for non-profit organisations, with funding and regulation changes uprooting many organisations and forcing them to make some tough strategic decisions. These times call for robust leadership and the courage to re-think, re-invent and re-launch your organisation. The Better Boards advisory committee chose this year’s theme with the current atmosphere in mind and with the intention of aiding boards on the journey to regenerate their organisations.


7. Re-engage and re-energise
Engage with others in the sector and take inspiration from their great ideas. The Conference provides fantastic opportunities to learn from other delegates, not just presenters. Panel discussions and an emphasis on Q&A discussions in each workshop will allow you to gain insights from your peers, benchmark your governance skills and knowledge and learn some great tried-and-tested tips from others doing the same thing as you.


These points are in no particular order. Everyone has a different need or purpose for attending the conference.


Once we have convinced you, register here and then download our Conference Guide for making the most out of your conference experience.

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