WEBINAR: Stakeholder Engagement and Responding to a Crisis



Thursday, October 22nd 2020 – 1:00PM (AEDT) Duration about 1 hour

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Better Boards is pleased to present “Stakeholder Engagement and Responding to a Crisis” in partnership with Lali Wiratunga, National Manager at Westpac’s Davidson Institute.
This webinar examines three key stakeholder groups with whom the Social Sector leadership – board and management must build good stakeholder relationships and engagement strategies.

  1. The workforce including volunteers
  2. Those it serves – clients/customers
  3. Funders and service partners – governments, philanthropic organisations, corporates, community partners and private funders

We will explore:
What is the role of the NFP board in integrating clearly defined stakeholder groups and engagement strategies for those groups at the centre of governance strategy, function and oversight?
How can they work with the executive team to ensure that key stakeholder relationships are effectively managed?
How will the board respond in the event of a crisis?
Come to this webinar with your questions, thoughts and concerns regarding the board’s role in stakeholder engagement, be prepared for discussions to find ideas, solutions and clarity.
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About the Presenter
Webinar Presenter Lali WiratungaLali Wiratunga connects the Social Sector and business sectors to the benefit of both. As the National Manager for Westpac’s financial education specialists, the Davidson Institute, he advocates for the role of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in helping people and organisations deliver social impact and financial sustainability.
Lali’s diverse career in the UK and Australia, includes 10 years of professional services experience as a corporate lawyer and management consultant, helping organisations explore the art of the possible. He has consolidated his commercial experience in various senior roles in the Financial Services sector. In 2016, Lali was recognised for creating a positive impact through the national program, Impact 25, which recognises purposeful leaders in the Australian Social Sector. Lali represents Westpac’s financial education specialists, the Davidson Institute, an award winning team which help people build their financial confidence. He is a passionate advocate for social justice and serves people living with disabilities as a Non-Executive Director for TAD Disability Services. Lali volunteers his experience, knowledge and enthusiasm on the Alumni Advisory Board of UNSW Business School, helping leaders to be their most authentic selves.
1pm – 2pm (AEDT)

Thursday 22 October 2020

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