BoardWise Update 2015


Today we are excited to announcement a major update to Better Boards Mentor, now known as BoardWise.


Brand Update

Better Boards Mentor has been re-branded as BoardWise. Why the change? We think you’ll agree that BoardWise more accurately reflects the experience you have with the product. Plus its succinct, easier to remember and gives us a fancy new domain name


Structured Professional Development

We have added a new feature, called pathways, that brings more a structured approach to your learning, rather than wading through an entire library of content, you can approach it step by step and pick up right where you left off. If you enjoy browsing the library, it still exists, but pathways will be an increasingly important part of BoardWise.


Automagically Documented CPD

Well maybe not quite magical, but definitely auto. We are using some pretty powerful technologies to ensure that every pathway and video you complete inside BoardWise is automatically logged on your user profile. It logs the amount of time each pathway or video takes to complete. Once the time is logged you can easily add those hours to your professional bodies CPD claim system to ensure you are recognised for the hard work you have done.


Goals to improve your Learning

Goal setting has been shown to improve most facets of peoples lives. So why not set learning goals, or more specifically how many hours of CPD you want to complete this year? Set your CPD Hours goal and then learn in BoardWise so you can track your progress.


Elegant Simplicity

BoardWise has a much simpler and straight forward user interface. For example, in Mentor it took over 16 steps to add your board members! Now can add a new user in less than 60 seconds with as few as two clicks. Plus you can now add, remove or update your board members whenever you need.


Flexible Pricing

The following change will come into effect on your subscriptions next anniversary date (the next time you are due to be billed for your subscription fees). This date is based on when you became a member so is different for everyone.


We have recently reviewed our pricing structure for BoardWise and have moved to per person pricing. This means you are now longer constrained to only 12 board members or senior staff on your BoardWise account.


The new model recognises that every organisation and it’s board are unique, that people come and go from boards and that ultimately boards should undertake professional development as group.


This means that if you want to only have 7 board members you will only pay for 7 or if for some reason you have 18 board members – then you can add everyone.


For full details and to see a full break down of the new pricing visit:


The new pricing structure is setup so you pay per person. You are no longer locked to only one person for an individual plan or trying to fill 12 slots because thats what you have paid for – which is what the old plans offered. Per person pricing means that if you have a board of 4 or 6 or 25 you pay for the corresponding number of people you wish to add. If you have an individual account it is as easy as adding new board members to change to an organisational account.


Heres a quick comparison of the old plans vs the new pricing structure for non-profit pricing (consultant/corporate/government pricing is different):


board members old pricing new pricing
1 member $300 p/y $432 p/y
4 members $1500 p/y $756 p/y
8 members $1500 p/y $1,188 p/y
12 members $1500 p/y $1,620 p/y


View the full pricing details at


New Member Numbers

Each member now has their own member number (accessible from their BoardWise profile page) which can be used to purchase discounts on Better Boards Conference tickets and various other products and services available from Better Boards and it’s partners.


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