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CEO’s Day (Friday 1st August)
CEO’s Day Tickets Are Sold Out

9:00am Welcome & CEO’s Briefing
Re-Think, Re-Invent, Re-Launch: A New Paradigm in Corporate Partnerships
Dr David Cooke Managing Director, Konica Minolta (Australia)
This keynote will focus on a new paradigm of interaction between the non-profit sector and the corporate world. One not based on an appeal to altruistic support, but on a mutually rewarding partnership where the corporation and the non-profit organisation receive an equal and clearly demonstrable return on investment.
10:00am  MORNING TEA
10:30am CEO’s Workshops #1
Joanne O’Brien

Staff + Volunteers – Managing the tension
Philip Oude-Vrielink

Strategically Relevant Culture Regeneration – Your optimal culture and how to create it
Anne Gawen

What the Tech? Using the latest trends in technology for better outcomes
Wayne Turner

Surviving and Thriving: Adapting your business model to compete in a market-driven environment
11:40am CEO’s Workshops #2
Corrinne Armour & Belinda Cohen

The Neuroscience of Trust: Creating an environment to ReInvent, ReThink and ReLaunch
Vera Visevic

Untangling the “not” in not-for-profit: Advice on commercialising your NFP
Grant Hooper

The Changing Funder Landscape: Do you know your audience?
Sharon Ferrier

“Passive, Pushy or Persuasive?” How to influence others to action
12:40pm  LUNCH
1:30pm CEO’s Roundtables
3:00pm CEO’s Challenges
4:00pm Keynote
Imagine the future and do it now!
Malcolm Rands Founder & CEO, ecostore
Inventing a new way of looking at capitalism and funding non-profit organisations. My story of an organic farmer and non-profit worker from provincial NZ. The journey to creating a global eco-brand using the principles of permaculture, transparency and authenticity.
5:00pm Presentations conclude


[symple_tab title=”Board Innovation Tour”]
Board Innovation Tour (Friday 1st August)
Innovation Tour Tickets Are Sold Out
The Board Innovation Tour will take delegates on an excursion to 3-4 diverse organisations around Adelaide where the strategies and innovations employed to address organisational challenges will be discussed in the frame of the 2014 Better Boards Conference theme: Re-Think, Re-Invent, Relaunch.
Attendees will have a short tour of each facility and hear presentations from each venue’s CEO and board representative. Lunch (included) will be held at the National Wine Centre where you will be free to network with tour participants and representatives of the innovation tour venues.
An excellent opportunity for you to get out and about with your ‘board member’ hat on, and hear ideas, innovations, strategies and experiences with a range of other directors.
The tour will depart from and return to the Adelaide Convention Centre. Places on the tour are strictly limited to 60. Book your place now when you register for the Better Boards Conference, or you can book your place in the tour separately.
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Please note that the Board Innovation Tour runs concurrently to the CEO’s Day program.
An outline of the day is below. Please check back for updates.

9:00am Arrival and check in
9:30am Tour departs from Adelaide Convention Centre
10:00am Arrival at Venue 1
Host Venue: Leukaemia Foundation
The Leukaemia Foundation representatives, hosts and presenters will be:
Adrian Collins (CEO, Board Member) and Simon Matthias (General Manager, SA/NT)
11:30am Arrival at Venue 2
Host Venue: Phoenix Society
The Phoenix Society representatives, hosts and presenters will be:
Paul Stevenson (CEO) and Graeme Bethune (Chairman)
12:45pm Lunch at the National Wine Centre
2:30pm Arrival at Venue 3
Host Venue: Adelaide Festival Centre*
The Adelaide Festival Centre representatives, hosts and presenters will be:
Douglas Gautier (CEO) and Bill Spurr (Deputy Chair)
*Presentations only, a full site tour is unavailable at this time.
3:40pm Arrival at Venue 4
Host Venue: RFDS Central Operations
5:00pm Return to Adelaide Convention Centre
Tour concludes.

The Board Innovation Tour is supported by RDA Adelaide.

[symple_tab title=”Saturday 2nd August”]
Main Conference (Saturday 2nd August)

9:00am Welcome & Opening Keynote
Kodak Moments: Leading Through Disruption
Rachel Botsman Author & Founder, Collaborative Lab
Despite knowing that ‘change is the only constant’, so many industries seem to be struggling with adapting fast enough or getting it wrong. Rachel dives into the four common drivers that make an industry ripe for change, exploring whether it is indeed possible for traditional organisations to transform themselves to the new market realities.
Ms Rachel Botsman appears by arrangement with Saxton Speakers Bureau
10:30am  MORNING TEA
11:00am Keynote
On Your Marks, Get Set…Go!
Michael Goldsworthy Principal Consultant, Australian Strategic Services
Never in the history of NFP organisations has such a massive paradigm shift been experienced… the need for a significant regeneration of the way NFPs see themselves and operate is more vital for success than ever. Some boards and CEOs have commenced this journey, others are considering the journey and still more are wondering what all the fuss is about. In this presentation Michael will provide unique insights and powerful frameworks, processes and tools to Re-Think, Re-Invent and Re-Launch your organisation.
11:30am Panel Presentation
Re-Think, Re-Invent, Re-Launch: The realities, practicalities and processes
Cynthia Payne, Michael Goldsworthy, Philip Oude-Vrielink.
This highly interactive and informative panel discussion will draw on the realities, insights and practical experiences of expert panel members to assist you and your leadership team (boards, CEO and senior managers) in delivering the strategic and organisational processes required to regenerate your organisation.
12:10pm  LUNCH
1:00pm Concurrent Workshops #1
Kerri Tilby-Price

Vision Driven – Why traditional vision statements don’t work and what you can do about it
Elise Sernik & Melissa Macpherson

Unleashing the power of purpose
Susan Pascoe

Where are we up to in charity regulation?
David Buley

Challenging your organisation’s strategy and spotting the fakes
Steve Mav

Delivering Service Value in a Complex Environment
2:10pm Concurrent Workshops #2
Michel Hogan

Brand in the Boardroom
Clive Blunt

Professional insurgency – a guide to achieving step change in governance
James Beck

Boardroom Dynamics Workshop: What is your director personality?
Sally Freeman

Directors’ Toolkit
Mark Toomey

Digital leadership and governance of I.T. in the third sector
3:40pm Keynote
R.I.P. the NFP Member?
Brian Herd Partner, Carne Reidy Herd Lawyers
“Members” of for profit corporations (or its shareholders or equity holders) have traditionally been active in asserting their rights. Members of non-profit organisations, however, seem to have gone into a state of hibernation and recession, if not descended into the realms of irrelevancy in terms of their power and influence. Their relevancy and functionality has been subsumed to the increasing role of paid staff and volunteers. This presentation will examine the makeup and trends of membership of non-profit organisations, including asking whether a healthy membership has any nexus with a healthy organisation. Brian will leave attendees with a new found challenge to work out what their membership really means to the organisation.
4:45pm Presentations conclude
7:00pm  Gala Dinner
Dinner and entertainment to unwind after a day of information gathering.
No audience participation required other than to enjoy a meal with your board, meet others and be entertained!
The social highlight of the Better Boards Conference and a great way to spend the evening – there’s even a strong rumour that chocolate lovers will be in for a treat.
Brought to you in partnership with CBB the not4profit people.

Select your Gala Dinner dinner tickets when you register.


[symple_tab title=”Sunday 3rd August”]
Main Conference (Sunday 3rd August)

9:00am Welcome back & Opening Panel
Strategic Relationships, Amalgamations, Mergers & Partnerships
Paul Ostrowski, Catherine Daley, Bill Filmer.
As the “New World Order” emerges for non-profit organisations, many boards, CEO’s & senior managers are coming to realise that a significant client/customer focus and a market approach is, and will, continue to drive consolidation and intense competition. Growing or developing existing services or products can help sustain your organisation. Amalgamations, mergers and partnerships provide another viable option, one that is built on strategic relationships, effective and open communication as well as agreed principals, processes and outcomes.
We have gathered a panel of experts who have hands-on experience, and know what it takes to successfully lead an organisation through a time of significant change. Hear unique insights, powerful strategies and practical processes that can assist your board to re-engineer and reposition your organisation.
10:30am  MORNING TEA
11:00am Concurrent Workshops #3
Peter Kaldor & Ian Pollard

ReThinking Leadership: Growing leadership capacity in the face of continuous and complex change
Russell Martoo

Disposing of a property asset
Michael Corry

ReLaunch your engagement with finance – 10 Key questions to promote open dialogue
Randall Pearce

Sharing power with the people: How boards can use dialogue and deliberation with stakeholders to make better decisions
Sabine Phillips & Sophie McNamara

Passion and Professionalism: Managing the performance of a volunteer board
12:05pm Concurrent Workshops #4
Chris O’Neill

The Data Driven Charity
Nicole Swaine & Caralyn Lammas

Increasing board opportunities for young women: A case study
Jason Watson & Saioa Echevarria Idianez

Trade Marks & Branding for Not-for-Profit Organisations
Robert Gordon

Dealing with damn difficult directors

1:05pm  LUNCH
1:40pm Closing Keynote
Regenerating your organisation – the board’s journey, next steps
Dr Keith Suter MD, Global Directions
Drawing on the themes, strategies and practicalities of the 2014 Better Boards conference, Keith will use his extensive experience to create a dynamic platform that will inspire you and your board/CEO to “Regenerate your organisation”.
2:30pm Conference Close



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Check this page for further details, information and the conference program as it is released.
If you have any questions regarding any upcoming or past events please contact Better Boards on (03) 54 293 786 or [email protected]


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