Conference Downloads

Speakers’ presentations from the 2016 Conference in Melbourne are available as downloads through the links below:


CEO’s Day – Friday 29th of July

Tour Presentations
State Control Centre – Deborah Jepsen & Greg Murphy, Emergency Management Victoria


Plenary Presentations
Creating a Culture of Innovation – Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer at Centre for the Edge at Deloitte Australia


Board Member Innovation Tour – Friday 29th of July

YMCA Victoria – Carlton Baths Community Centre


Sprout Summit – Friday 29th of July

Creating a Sustainable Business Model – Isaac Jeffries, Business Model Consultant at The Difference Incubator
Financial Foundations to Keep Board Members Happy – Stacey Price, Financial Coach & Chartered Accountant at Healthy Business Finances
Behavioural Insights – Understanding Human Decision Making & Motivations – Steven Speldewinde, Director at The Social Deck
Creating a Culture that Keeps You Winning! – Jennene Buckley, Chief Executive Officer at Feros Care
Pitching for Investment – What They Don’t Tell You – Geoff Gourley, Founder at One10
The Importance of Running a Pilot – Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald, Founder & Managing Director at Bright Sparks
Scaling Your Organisation Through Partnerships – Felicity Green, Strategic Advisor at Spark Strategy
The Business of Making a Difference – Simon Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer at Who Gives A Crap


Main Conference – Saturday 30th July

Plenary Presentations
Innovation – The Power of a Burning Platform, Imagination and Disruptive Tech – Sarah Vaughan, Director, Developer Experience & Evangelism at Microsoft Australia
What Does an Innovative Board Look Like – Value Creating – James Beck, Managing Director at Effective Governance
Further to James Beck’s plenary session – we invite you to take the Effective Governance free – Governance Action Plan


Concurrent Workshops #1
The Investment Philosophy Statement – A Tool for Making Better Investment Decisions – Kate Cam – Investment Governance Leader for the Pacific at Mercer Investments
A Co-Operative Business Model – Craig Thomson, Chief Executive Officer at Community Gateway Inc.
Learning for Purpose: Capability Development Transforms Your Organisation’s Social Impact – Ramon Wenzel, Assistant Professor at The University of WA, Centre for Social Impact (Business School)
Practical Strategic Planning: Tools and Techniques – James Beck, Managing Director at Effective Governance
James Beck’s handout
The Customer-driven Competitive Marketplace…Transform Your Organisation, Reinvent Your Culture – Michael Goldsworthy, Principal Consultant at Australian Strategic Services


Concurrent Workshops #2
DLMA Analysis: A Practical Solution to Role Dilemma – Peter Tunjic, DLMA Labs Founder at DLMA Labs
Cultural Due Diligence: Assessing Fit as Part of Strategic Choices – Brodie Woodland, Director Governance and Strategy at TMS Consulting
Heart and Head: Financial Management Challenges in the Non-Profit Boardroom – Morri Young, Chief Executive Officer at Accounting for Good
Don’t Just Sit There – Change the Dynamics for Good! – Sallie Saunders, Director and Principal Consultant at Building Better Boards
How to Establish an Innovation Pathway in Your Organisation – Simon Goodrich, Managing Director at Portable


Concurrent Workshops #3
How Well Do You Value and Protect Your Competitive Edge? – Joanne O’Brien, Partner at CRH Law
B Corporations: Redefining Success in Business – Alicia Darvall, Executive Director at B Lab Australia & New Zealand
Toward Successful Digital Innovation in the NFP Sector – Maria Palmer, TCM Client Services Manager at Telstra Health (Disability, Aged and Community Care)
Strategic Foundations to Help Build and Sustain Income from Within Your Organisation – Lali Wiratunga, National Manager at Westpac Financial Education
What Do You Mean “We Are Too Operational”? Achieving the Holy Grail of a Strategic Board – Vera Visevic, Partner Not-for-profit at Mills Oakley Lawyers


Concurrent Workshops #4
Game-Changing Moves: From Federation to National Organisation – Randall Pearce, Managing Director at THINK: Insight & Advice
The Reluctant Entrepreneur: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your NFP – David Sharrock, Managing Principal at Sharrock Pitman Legal
David’s handouts:one, two, three, four.
Tension, Governance and Entrepreneurial Spirit: How We Turned Lady Gowrie Qld Around – Leisa Prowse, Chairperson at Lady Gowrie Queensland
Governance of Innovation or Innovation-Aware Governance? – Om Dhungel, Director at Settlement Services International
Intrapreneurship: Lessons Learned Reinventing the Experience of Ageing – Beverly Smith, Principal Consultant at ThirdThird

Main Conference – Sunday 31st July

Plenary Presentations
Driving a Culture of Innovation and Transformation – Andrew Walduck, Executive General Manager at Trusted eCommerce Solutions at Australia Post
Thinking Differently in the Boardroom – Gavin Nicholson, Associate Professor at the QUT Business School
Governing in Disruptive Times – The Success of Startups – Phil Morle, Chief Startup Scientist at Pollenzier
Governing for Maximum Impact – Pressing the right buttons – Allie Mooney