Conference Downloads

Speakers’ presentations from the 2017 Conference in Brisbane are available as downloads through the links below:


Download a PDF of the Better Boards Conference Magazine 2017 here.


CEO’s Day – Friday 28th of July

CEO’s Leadership Breakfast with Westpac
The Journey To A Customer-driven, Competitive Marketplace… – Michael Goldsworthy


Plenary Presentations

Building Futures: Boards and Citizenship – Professor Judith McLean
Continual Improvement and Business Growth Using Consumer Engagement and Analytics
Shane Rendalls
A Coaching Mindset for Leadership: Igniting Organisational Performance – Dr Geoff Abbott


Board Member Innovation Tour – Friday 28th of July

QIMR Berghofer


Main Conference – Saturday 29th July


Plenary Presentations
Neuroscience of Leadership – Fiona Kerr
Future Boards: The Adaptive Board for Adaptive Times– Andrew Donovan


Workshop Session #1
Induction Insights for Directors – Steven Bowman
No Safe Place B: Rethinking Change Management – Nigel Donovan
Adapt to Skills Shortages Through Location Independence: Distributed Teams – Nina Sochon


Workshop Session #2
Board Sub Committees are a Risk! There is a Better Way! – Victor Hamit
Unlocking Boardroom Blocks to Innovation – Rosie Yeo
NFP Sustainability: Business Models for Survival and Scale – Felicity Green


Workshop Session #3
Asset-protection and Investment – An Opportunity for Stability – Vera Visevic
Managing the Board-CEO Dynamic – James Beck
Gearing Up Governance for Transformation – Karen Bevan


Workshop Session #4
‘Adapt or Die’ – A Transformation Story – Linda Noble
Intergeneration Diversity in the Boardroom; Risk vs Risk – Paul Smith
The New Sponsorship Revolution – Abby Clemence


Main Conference – Sundday 30th July

Plenary Presentations
Preparing for the Unpredictable – Julie Garland McLellan
Finding a Future – Adapting Through Collaboration – Patrick Herd, Joanne O’Brien and Sue Thomson

Structuring for Uncertainty – Gavin Nicholson
Moving Crisis Management from ‘War Room’ to Board Room – Dr Tony Jaques
From Pozzy to Cozzy – Graeme Bowman (a.k.a Dr Chris Jones).