Conference Downloads

Speakers’ presentations from the 2018 Conference in Adelaide are available as downloads through the links below:


Download a PDF of the Better Boards Conference Magazine 2018 here.


View a selection of photos from the 2018 Conference here.


CEO’s Day – Friday 10th of August

CEO’s Leadership Breakfast with Community Business Australia
Leading Teams: The Psychology of “We” – Professor Cliff Mallett


Plenary Presentations

Presentation from Housing Choices South Australia – Julie Duncan and Julie Mitchell
CEO Reflections – Workforce Lessons from the UK – Ross Bell
Realising Your Value Through the Looking Glass of Your Customers – Jenny Holliday
Redesigning Your Organisation – Simon Goodrich
Choice and Control: Shifting the Power Dynamic – Jane Arnott
A Decade of Investment – Journey to Social Inclusion – Cathy Humphrey
Does Culture Eat Strategy for Breakfast? – Dr Ruth Knight


Main Conference – Saturday 11th August


Plenary Presentations
Building a Customer-Obsessed Culture – Charles Weiser
How Your Executive Team is Killing Innovation – and What to Do About It– Amantha Imber


Workshop Session #1
Do You Have a Customer-Centric Culture – Do You Know Your People Risk? – James Beck
Customer-Centric Board Succession Planning – Jodie Willmer
Customer Centric Governance…Cashflow Centric Governance – Michael Goldsworthy


Workshop Session #2
Governing Purpose-Driven Organisations: What’s the Same? What’s Different? – Alan Hough
Our Customers… For No Other Reason – Chris Scott
Being a Customer-Centric Non-Profit Organisation – Wenda Gumulya


Workshop Session #3
Positioning Your NFP for Customer-Centricity – Documenting a Cultural Transformation – Vera Visevic
Consumer Governance: A Framework for Involving Consumers in Decision-Making – Matt Burrows
Impact Strategy 2.0: Creating Social Impact & Strategic Outcomes – Mike Davis


Workshop Session #4
The Role of the Ethical Framework in Delivering Customer-Centric Governance – David Burfoot
Lived Experience: Walking the Talk – Tony Davies
Practical Ways to Understand Your Customer Journey to move from Volume to Value – Bruce Mullan


Main Conference – Sunday 12th August

Plenary Presentations
Listening is the Key to Success – Grace McCarthy
What Does a Customer-centric Board Look Like? – Dr Carl Gibson
Structuring for Uncertainty – Dr Natalie Elms and Jackie Bettington
Blockchain and the Opportunity for Impact – Jamie Skella
Cyber Governance for NFP Directors and Executives – Jason Wilk
Bullshift: Get More Openness, Honesty and Straight Talk in the Boardroom – Malcolm Dix