Better Boards Conference 2023

Better Boards Conference 2023 Forging Strategic Pathways BRISBANE, 2–3 JUNE 2023


Taking off the blinkers – how to forge collective strategies to change the playing field

Felicity Green

Co-founder and Director, Ensemble Strategy

Felicity has dedicated her career to helping bold leaders create strategies for a more equitable and sustainable world. Springboarding from corporate management consulting, Felicity co-founded social impact strategy firm Spark Strategy, where she recently held the CEO position, before once again scratching the entrepreneurial itch by co-founding Ensemble Strategy. With an MBA from Peking University, multiple Not for Profit Board positions and recognition as a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards, she has a proven track record of innovative strategic thinking that drives tangible impact. An avid public speaker (e.g. Better Boards, Asia Pacific Impact Investment Summit), she's also made guest appearances on leading podcasts (e.g. Humans of Purpose, Good Will Hunters) and is published widely (e.g. Pro Bono, Third Sector). A super networker, Felicity is a key advocate of the B Corp movement and founding member of Women in Impact, the Impact Circle and League of Intrapreneurs.

Organisational strategy for Not-for-Profit organisations is incredibly important; however, it is too often developed through an insular lens. Directors and Executive teams tend to focus on what they need to do to survive, where they might have a competitive advantage over others and how to leverage their existing strengths. This results in strategic plans that based largely on the status quo, which may achieve incremental impact, but remain a far cry from the fundamental shifts needed if we are to reach our Sustainable Development Goal 2030 targets.

This presentation speaks to bold leaders who are interested in how to level-up their strategic thinking. Indeed, for any directors governing organisations focussed on systems-change, exploration of this strategic pathway is essential.

So what’s needed to break out of this cycle of limited thinking? When forging strategic pathways, directors and executives need to consider collaborative strategies. These may be intra sector strategies or cross-sector strategies based on a certain place or issue. And these strategies may unlock powerful policy change, new business models, resource efficiencies and ultimately deliver better outcomes in a non-linear fashion.

Based on both applied and academic evidence, this presentation will provide directors and executives of Not for Profit organisations with:

  • • The rationale for exploring collective strategies;
  • • Explanations of different types of partnerships, such as sector-wide, place-based and collective impact.
  • • A clear and practical process to follow to explore this pathway;
  • • Strategic frameworks and questions to consider during the process;
  • • Common pitfalls; &
  • • Real life case studies.

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