Better Boards Conference 2023

Better Boards Conference 2023 Forging Strategic Pathways BRISBANE, 2–3 JUNE 2023


How to help your board 'be strategic'

Julie Garland McLellan

CEO, The Director's Dilemma

As a practising company director, Julie Garland McLellan has experience working on a range of not-for-profit, public sector and commercial boards. She has been recognised internationally as a leading expert on board governance, mainly for her free directors' newsletter 'The Director's Dilemma' but also for her numerous conference and training events. Julie has published several books on the topic of corporate governance including 'Presenting to Boards; practical skills for corporate presentations', 'Dilemmas, Dilemmas; practical case studies for company directors' and 'All Above Board: Great Governance for the Government Sector'.

We all know that boards are supposed to work at the strategic level and stay out of operational detail. We all recognise those occasions when our boards descend into operational detail. And, I believe, we all wish we knew how to help them get back up where they belong. This presentation will look at a range of practical things that you and your team can do that are guaranteed to help your board think and act at a more strategic level.
Recognise and diagnose the way in which your board gets sidetracked from its strategic mission and discover some practical tools to use to help re-energise and elevate the boardroom discussion.

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