Better Boards Conference 2023

Better Boards Conference 2023 Forging Strategic Pathways BRISBANE, 2–3 JUNE 2023


Striving for Strategic and Operational Congruence – A Values Approach

Melinda Fleming

Chief Executive Officer, Victims of Crime NT

Melinda Fleming is in her 5th year as Chief Executive Officer of Victims of Crime NT. She has enjoyed a long career in the for-purpose community sector within Qld and the Northern Territory. For the last 16 years Mel has held executive roles, leading change and growth in a variety of organisations. These have included locally based community development centres, charity and disability services. Mel holds a passion for strategy and culture, and models a strengths based leadership approach. Her affinity with the human services sector has also led to several board and statutory committee roles which further her interest in governance practices and systemic change.

William Newell

Chair, Victims of Crime NT

William Newell is the current Chair of Victims of Crime NT

Why would it be important for directors/board members to align their practices in the boardroom with the same practices used in the delivery of services? This might sound like a strange concept. In general, the expectations of Directors include professionalism, the active contribution of one’s knowledge, and critical thinking to name a few. But what if a board decides to lead the way in modelling a recognised approach that prioritises a culture of safety and learning across the whole of the organisation?

This presentation will share how a small NT based organisation that is committed to supporting the healing, recovery and growth of victims of crime, is working to create a trauma informed community of care for each and every organisational stakeholder. This approach acknowledges that adversity and stress are universal challenges and holds everyone accountable for maintaining a life-long learning mindset.

We’ll examine the approach, looking specifically at a set of organisational commitments and how these are practiced at board level. Early results for Victims of Crime NT include the presence of more and richer transformational conversations in the boardroom, in place of transactional ones.

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