Better Boards Conference 2023

Better Boards Conference 2023 Forging Strategic Pathways BRISBANE, 2–3 JUNE 2023


Strategic Planning - the principles and processes, documents and tools of a contemporary strategic planning system

Michael Goldsworthy

Managing Director, Australian Strategic Services

Michael Goldsworthy is widely known throughout the Not for Profit Sector for assisting boards, chief executive officers & senior management teams in strategic planning, performance management, governance, mergers, risk management, organisational development and ideas and innovation tours and workshops.

Working in a framework of change management, strategic planning and project management, Michael has worked with over 5,000 Community Businesses (Not for Profits) throughout Australia. As his clients can attest, his unique analogies, models, tools and templates provide a powerful approach to recognising the past, understanding the present and creating the future. His many case studies and a national network of clients who are willing to assist other organisations provide additional benefit and value.

Michael has a profound understanding, practical experience and proven track record in assisting leadership teams (boards, chief executive officers and senior management teams) address the challenges and opportunities of growing and developing their Not for Profit organisation.

Over the last thirty years Michael has regularly presented at a wide variety of international, national and state conferences and seminars. He is well known for his unique, graphic models, clarity of thought and his sequential and practical presentations.

Aaron Goldsworthy

Senior Consultant, Australian Strategic Services

A Senior Consultant with Australian Strategic Services for over 8 years Aaron assists boards and individual directors to not only understand what their duties at law are but the practical work of a director. He has worked with a wide variety of not for profit and charitable boards, chief executive officers and executives on a range of projects including facilitating strategy workshops/processes, advising boards on the strategic impacts and implications of the paradigm shift to a customer driven, competitive marketplace, detailed reviews of the board's or organisation's documentation and processes against standards, quality frameworks and legislation, board assessments and reviews, drafting and documenting enterprise/organisation wide governance and risk management frameworks, business development, amalgamations and mergers and industry big picture trends and research.

Whilst an increasing number of boards are developing & implementing strategic plans in order to develop their services and grow their organisations, there remains a wide disparity in the understanding and practical application of contemporary strategic planning principles and processes, documents and tools, In fact, very few boards, chief executive officers and executives have or utilise a contemporary strategic planning system that consists for example of:

  • • guiding governance & organisational strategic planning policies and procedures
  • • agreed strategic planning principles and a framework
  • • a strategic plan, organisational plans and business plans based on various planning packages & templates
  • • planning, implementation & monitoring processes, documents & tools
  • • an alignment and integration of their strategic plan with their financial management system, financial model and capital plan.

    To either assess or improve your Leadership Team’s (board, chief executive officer & executives) approach and/or resources to their strategic planning, implementation & monitoring, join Michael & Aaron Goldsworthy for an incredibly insightful and practical presentation. Combined, their 45 years of experience in designing, developing & deploying a fully integrated, easy to use strategic planning system, that not only sets a national benchmark for strategic planning but, will significantly strengthen your understanding and practical application of strategic planning principles and processes, documents and tools; in essence the application of a contemporary strategic planning system.

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