Better Boards Conference 2023

Better Boards Conference 2023 Forging Strategic Pathways BRISBANE, 2–3 JUNE 2023


What is your Board's role in Government Relations? Lessons, learnings and tools for success

Neil Pharaoh

Director, Tanck Pty Ltd

Neil Pharaoh B Comm/LLB, GAICD has spent most of his voluntary and professional life in and around social purpose organisations, government, public policy, and advocacy. Neil has been behind many leading social policy and advocacy campaigns on gender rights, equality, medical research, and education, and ran for Parliament in Victoria in 2014 and 2018. Neil is co-founder and director of Tanck, which focuses on better engagement with government, and regularly runs workshops and advocacy sessions and advises leading social purpose organisations on their government engagement strategy and systems.

Neil is Chair of the Climate Action Network Australia, and Non Executive Director of Sustainability Victoria & ThorneHarbour Health

Government regulates almost every aspect of our lives, and government spending represents almost one quarter of all spending in Australia. Whether tax, industrial relations, or industry specific issues, having an engaged and informed board around working with, campaigning to, or engagement with government is a critical success factor for business, not-for-profits, and organisations generally.

This session will step through key challenges, opportunities and insights, as well as provide participants key takeaways and ’to-do’ lists to ensure your board is ready and engaged for whatever challenges or opportunities government presents.

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