Better Boards Conference 2023

Better Boards Conference 2023 Forging Strategic Pathways BRISBANE, 2–3 JUNE 2023


Global megatrends – Patterns of change impacting the way Australians live, work and play over the coming decades

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz

Principal scientist in strategy and foresight, CSIRO, Australia.

Stefan Hajkowicz is a principal scientist in strategy and foresight at CSIRO, Australia. In his job he helps people explore the future and make wise choices. Stefan also works with governments in regions and cities to help them identify and develop emerging technology-sector industry clusters. Stefan leads the Data61 Insights research group and during his 22-year CSIRO career he has delivered hundreds of research and consulting projects to industry and government clients. He has been appointed to professional foresight groups at the OECD and World Economic Forum. Stefan has a doctorate in geography from the University of Queensland and postgraduate qualifications in economics. His book 'Global Megatrends' is a CSIRO Publishing best-seller and he has over 4,500 citations (h-index of 33) on Google Scholar in the fields of foresight, strategy, geography and economics.

Strategic foresight is the systematic analysis of plausible future events to inform present-day decision making. Megatrends analysis is one of the tools commonly used in the strategic foresight toolkit. Megatrends are trajectories of change occurring at the intersection of geopolitical, economic, environmental, social and technological trends.

This presentation shares the latest thinking from the national science agency CSIRO about megatrends impacting Australia. The material covers climate change, sustainable resource use, infectious diseases, geopolitical tensions, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and the all-important human experience factor in our online world. The story is one of risk and opportunity. It captures all the science, research, technology and innovation that can help us as organisations and individuals navigate a pathway through the future.

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