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Better Boards Conference 2023 Forging Strategic Pathways BRISBANE, 2–3 JUNE 2023


New ATO Income Tax Self Assessment Regime commences 1 July 2023

Victor Hamit

Principal Director, Wentworth Lawyers Pty Ltd

Victor Hamit is the Principal Director of Wentworth Lawyers Pty Ltd being a practice focussed on NFP community and sporting club organisations across Australia.

He is recognised as Australia's most experienced tax advisor to NFP sporting and community clubs. He has represented clubs from local community clubs to major professional league clubs. In addition he practises in the field of commercial law advising a range of businesses including ASX listed Companies.

Further he has been a long term consultant to the Australian Taxation Office on NFP community and sporting club issues including the proposed new ATO self assessment regime.

The ATO’s self assessment regime for Non Charitable NFPs with an Australian Business Number (ABN) commences 1 July 2023:

  • • What is this all about?
  • • What does this mean for your NFP?
  • • What will the " online self assessment tool" look like?
  • • How do NFPs best prepare now to avoid complications?
  • • Deficiencies of current ATO guidance.

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