Conference Downloads

Speakers’ presentations from the 2013 Conference in Melbourne are available as downloads through the links below:

CEO’s Day – Friday 5th July

Concurrent CEO’s Workshops #1
It’s the Learning, Not the Result, That Counts in Evaluation – Randall Pearce, THINK: Insight & Advice
Managing Government Relations – Alistair Urquhart, Affairs of State
From Director to CEO – A Personal Journey – Carmel Ackerly, Australian Institute of Management
Motivating, Leading and Influencing People – Jenny Gray, The Team Building Company
Concurrent CEO’s Workshops #2
How to Kick Start a Social Enterprise – Joanne O’Brien, Carne Reidy Herd Lawyers
Great Ideas Deserve a Nurturing Culture – Factors to Bring Ideas to Solutions – Ron Mell, YMCA Australia
The Future – Clear Blue Skies or Dark Stormy Clouds – Mark Sheldon-Stemm, Kalyna Care
The Changing Nature of Organisations Work and Workplaces (19MB) – Lindsay McMillan, Converge International
Keynote Presentation
Leading Through Change – John Fletcher, Midas Australia

Chair’s & Treasurer’s Afternoon – Friday 5th July

Chair’s Workshops
Room to Improve? How to Get Your Meeting Agendas and Minutes Right – Vera Visevic, Mills Oakley Lawyers
Treasurer’s Workshops
Governance and Financial Reporting Considerations in the New World of NFPs and the ACNC – Dr Eva Tsahuridu & Ram Subramanian, CPA Australia
The Treasurer’s Challenge – Social Outcomes and Financial Responsibility – Glenn Poole, The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, QUT

Saturday 6th July

Keynote Presentation
Leading on the Edge of Innovation – Dr Nina Terrey, ThinkPlace
Concurrent Workshops #1
It’s Not in the Tea Leaves – It’s in the Minutes – Brian Herd, Carne Reidy Herd Lawyers
Leadership Comes from the Top: The Role of the Nominating Committee in Finding the Right Board Members for Your Organisation – Philip Mayers, Dakin Mayers & Associates
Solving the Dysfunctional Property Asset Dilemma: Finding Solutions for the Asset Rich but Cash Poor Not-for-profit Organisation – Russell Martoo, RCP
Handout – Russell Martoo
Cut to F.IT (Using Governance Standard ISO 38500 in Non-profits) – Hazel Jennings, Dale Jennings Associates
Financial Reporting to the Board (Less is More) – David Hey-Cunningham, David Hey Cunningham & Associates Pty Ltd
Handout – David Hey-Cunningham
Concurrent Workshops #2
CEO Appraisal – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Sallie Saunders, Building Better Boards
The Emotionally Intelligent Director – Robert Gordon, Board Accord
Let’s Ask for Money: How Governance Matters to Funders – Ron Scott, Stellaris Ltd
Preparing for the ACNC Governance Review – Practical Tips and Solutions – James Beck, Effective Governance
Concurrent Workshops #3
Generation Y in the Boardroom (18MB) – Chris O’Neill, BATS Theatre
One or Two: Ensuring Director Contributions to Organisational Outcomes in Two Tiered Governance Structures – Martin Laverty, Catholic Health Australia
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Risk – Trent Dean, Churches of Christ in Queensland
Disaster and Crisis: Dilemmas and Challenges for Boards – Michael Tarrant, Australian Emergency Management Institute
Sharing the Load of “Board Business” to Improve Board Practice (52MB) – Morri Young, Matrix on Board

Sunday 7th July

Keynote Presentations
Governance for Good: Minimal Standards for Charities – Murray Baird, ACNC
Renovating a Legacy: Creating New Models of Financing for Charitable Foundations – Teresa Zolnierkiewicz, ANZ Global Wealth & Private Banking
Concurrent Workshops #4
Board Complexities and the (dis)Engagement of Financial Data – Adele Johns, Community Compass Inc
A Practical Framework for Director Recruitment (19MB) – Chris Franks, Habitat for Humanity
Managing the Board’s Relationship with Government (Note: Same slides as Friday) – Alistair Urquhart, Affairs of State
The ACNC Governance and External Conduct Requirements: What they Mean for Not-for-profit Boards – Mark Fowler, Neumann & Turnour Lawyers
“But I thought We Were Partners?!” Challenges, Risks & Realities of “Partnering”, “Sharing”, & “Collaborating” – Victor Hamit, Wentworth Lawyers
Concurrent Workshops #5
Journeying with a Board Coach – Paul Grogan, MDO Consulting
Boardroom Evaluation – If Not, Why Not? – Robert Gordon, Board Accord
Renovating a Legacy: The Miller Estate, Traps Lessons and Positive Outcomes (Note: Same slides as Keynote) – Teresa Zolnierkiewicz, ANZ Global Wealth & Private Banking
Writing Our Own Roadmap: A Case Study of a 15-year Strategic Plan – Ruth Pitt, YWCA of Canberra
New Directions in Directing (14MB) – Peter Tunjic, Thoughtpost Legal
Plenary Presentations
Royal Life Saving Society – Australia, Critical Success Factors (26MB) – Justin Scarr, Royal Life Saving Society
Fulfilling Our Vision – Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (12MB) – Robyn Kippenberger, Royal New Zealand SPCA