Better Boards Seminar Series – Geelong

Not-For-Profits: Regional, Community & Economic Development Strategies

Better Boards Seminars
DATE: Thursday 27 March 2014
TIME: 4.30pm-6.30pm
LOCATION: Barrabool Hills Centre – 4/34 Province Blvd, Highton, VIC 3217


Your non-profit’s role in community, economic & regional development:

How will you position your organisation?
Will you grow and/or amalgamate?
What will be your NFP’s contribution?

The second in a series of seminars exploring the emerging and crucially important role non-profits play in regional, community and economic development, this event was a must attend for senior leaders (CEOs, board members and senior management teams) of non-profit organisations.
Chaired by one of Australia’s pre-eminent experts on non-profit organisations, Michael Goldsworthy, this panel discussion explored key strategic insights and new strategies that boards, chief executive officers and senior management teams should consider as part of their organisation’s strategic direction.
As well as walking away with the practical and proven tools required for strategy development in your non-profit organisation, attendees were provided with access to the considerable expertise of the panel members.


Geelong Seminar Wrap Up
Discussion at the Geelong Better Boards seminar on regional, community and economic development strategies surrounded the prospect of a changing market paradigm among non-profits as a result of changes to government funding models. Attendees raised concerns about local and regional providers in the Geelong and Barwon South West area facing increased competition from private service providers. The need for non-profit organisations to allow time for introspection to prevent the loss of dedicated services and providers who understand local needs in regional areas was also discussed.
It’s really important [to look at] where are we now? Where do we want to be? How are we going to get there?” said Elaine Carbines, one of the panel members of the seminar and CEO of the G21 Geelong Region Alliance.
Smaller non-profits need to get out and go beyond their own sector,” she added.
Elaine Carbines joined other speakers Gordon Mallett and Daryl Starkey at the evening seminar. Gordon Mallett, CEO of AUSTSWIM, said, “cash is king to survive”, but organisations must never forget their mission.
With regard to AUSTSWIM, Gordon said the key is to make the organisation economically sustainable, and “do a heck of a lot of good while we’re doing it.
Daryl Starkey, CEO of Karingal Inc, identified the social enterprise business model as becoming increasingly vital to the sustainability of the non-profit sector.
He also touched on the importance of economic safety nets, such as foundations, to ensure longevity in the “very long term”. “We try to get a cocktail of funding for the different things that we do”, he said with regards to Karingal Inc.
This seminar was the second in a national series on the subject of regional, community and economic development.

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Meet the panel:

Daryl Starkey

Daryl Starkey
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Gordon Mallett
Elaine Carbines

Elaine Carbines
Michael Goldsworthy

Michael Goldsworthy (Panel Chairperson)

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