Unlock Your Board's Potential With Effective Board Assessments

Unlock Your Board's Potential With Effective Board Assessments

Raphael Goldsworthy

Raphael Goldsworthy

Managing Director @ Better Boards

Better Boards is pleased to present "Unlock Your Board's Potential With Effective Board Assessments" with Raphael Goldsworthy, Managing Director @ Better Boards.

In this webinar Raphael will explore how you can use board evaluation to unlock your board’s full potential.

Board and director assessment, when done well, is a powerful tool for enhancing your board’s performance, effectiveness and composition.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Understanding Board Evaluations: Explore the purpose, methodology, and benefits of conducting thorough board evaluations and assessment.

  • Board and Individual Director Benefits: Gain insights into how evaluations contribute to overarching governance quality, individual director growth, and the strategic alignment of the board with the organisation’s strategic direction.

  • Strategies for Effective D.I.Y Implementation: Mastering the art of executing board evaluations, from deciding what to evaluate and overcoming common objections to translating findings into an actionable plan for improvement.

This session will focus on actionable insights and practical tips to help you to undertake assessments effectively.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your board’s approach to evaluation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and strategic excellence.

About the Presenter
Raphael Goldsworthy

Raphael Goldsworthy is the Managing Director of Better Boards. Raphael has spent over 15 years helping NFP Directors, Boards and Executives Master the Art of the Boardroom through education and technology. Raphael has a deep interest in the intersection of business for good, technology, decision making, investment and behavioural economics. He regularly writes and speaks on technology in the boardroom, decision making and biases, governance, leadership and other related topics.


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