Building Your Governance & Strategy Toolkit

Building Your Governance & Strategy Toolkit

Michael Goldsworthy

Michael Goldsworthy

Principal Consultant at Australian Strategic Services

Better Boards is pleased to present "Building Your Governance & Strategy Toolkit" in partnership with Michael Goldsworthy, Principal Consultant at Australian Strategic Services.

Boards and directors often understand the theory of governance, but its practical application in the boardroom remains a challenge. This is because many boards lack the pragmatic tools and processes to document and implement robust modern governance processes in their boardroom.

In this webinar Michael will discuss and provide practical examples across a range of areas (governance, strategic planning, strategic business development and mergers and amalgamations) showing how, using a range of simple but powerful tools, your Board can quickly and easily improve and streamline their governance.

This webinar is focused on discussing & describing a range of powerful and practical tools and processes in the following key areas of governance:

  • Governance Processes
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic business development
  • Merger & amalgamations

About the Presenter
Michael Goldsworthy

A visionary, an entrepreneurial strategist, a big picture thinker, Michael is widely known by directors, chief executive officers and executives of community businesses (NFPs) throughout Australia for his comprehensive understanding of the big picture and his strategic insights into the current and future trends and dynamics of residential care, home care, disability, hospitals, health care and related human service industries/sectors and organisations. Michael is an engaging, educative and strategic opinion leader, his primary modus operandi are facilitating, strategically advising and/or project managing projects or workshops. His significant ability to influence individuals or teams, frameworks and opinions, and provide practical strategies and tools is extensively acknowledged by leaders. He has a demonstrable track record of turning theory into practice, ensuring leaders balance their “heads and hearts”, that is business and service objectives.


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