Better Boards Conference 2024

Better Boards Conference 2023 F SYDNEY, 14 & 15 JUNE 2024

Frequently asked questions

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When is the conference?
Better Boards Conference 2023 will be a two-day event held across FRIDAY 2nd and SATURDAY 3rd of JUNE 2023.
Where will the conference be held?
The conference will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Glenelg St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia.
PLENARY proceedings will be broadcast live online in the conference event portal for those who choose not to purchase an in-person ticket. Online attendees will be able to access the concurrent workshop recordings in the event portal post conference.
What format will the conference be in?
The Better Boards Conference 2023 will be a hybrid event. Join us in-person or watch the live plenary broadcast. Proceedings will be available online for all registered delegates, to guarantee access, and to allow the event to proceed digitally if restrictions are placed on the venue.
Can I attend in-person?
Delegates can purchase an in-person audience ticket ($215pp) as an ADD-ON to the base registration to attend in-person.
What is the base registration?
The base registration guarantees all delegates access to view the digital presentations, and to allow the event to proceed digitally if restrictions are placed on the venue.
Delegates that choose to attend virtually (online) only need to pay the base registration. It does not include catering. ALL registered delegates will have this ticket.
Can I purchase an in-person ticket only? Can you explain how the in-person ticket works.
To guarantee delivery of the conference presentations, ALL in-person attendees must purchase the base registration. The in-person audience ticket ($215pp) is added to the base registration to form the total ticket price for in-person attendance. This total ticket price includes catering across the two days of the conference, the networking function on Friday afternoon and live access to the concurrent workshops.
Is an in-person ticket refundable if the in-person audience is cancelled?
If the venue IS PREVENTED from having an in-person audience: YES the in-person ticket portion ($215) will be fully refunded.
If YOU CANNOT MAKE IT to the broadcast venue (for any reason) AND the venue CAN proceed with an audience: No the in-person ticket is not refundable. You may be able to send a substitute - see standard delegate terms and conditions.
If YOU DECIDE NOT TO attend the conference in-person, you may be able to send a substitute OR standard cancellation terms apply (ie is subject to the cancellation administration fee, or is non-refundable after the cancellation date has past. See full terms and conditions for details).
Note that the base portion of the ticket is not refundable and will still give you access to the conference broadcast and post event portal to view the conference content (presentations).
Can I purchase an online Registration only?
Yes. You do not have to travel to the broadcast venue, you can view the conference online at a location of your choice. Note that ONLY PLENARY sessions will be broadcast live. Concurrent workshops will be available as recordings in the event portal post event.
Is the ONLINE Registration refundable if the in-person audience is cancelled?
No. The conference proceedings will still be broadcast online to all registered delegates.
Will I still be able to see the Conference if I can’t tune in to the live broadcast?
Yes. The recordings of the conference proceedings will be made available online in the event portal for all registered delegates for at least one month after the conference.
What happens if the in-person audience size is reduced due to Government regulations?
In-person tickets will be allocated in the order they were received.
If the capacity is required to be reduced by law, any in-person tickets that have been sold above that number, will be cancelled and refunded.
Can we split or share tickets between more than one person over the two days?
We do not offer split/shared tickets since the Better Boards Conference is designed as a two-day experience.
How many in-person tickets are there?
This number may be published on the conference website. The number available will depend on the current Covid-safe capacity at the venue, and may be adjusted accordingly.
My IN-PERSON ticket has been cancelled and refunded, can I still see the conference?
Yes, you will still be able to attend the ONLINE conference broadcast. You will not be able to attend in-person.
Will the presentations and slides be available after the conference?
Yes, recordings of all conference presentations and slides (if used) will be made available to registered delegates for a limited time after the conference.
When will I get the access/log in to view the conference online?
Access details will be sent to your REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS during the WEEK PRIOR to the conference (Usually about 3 working days prior).
When will I get the access details/log in to view the presentation recordings?
Access details will be sent to your REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS as soon as the recordings have been compiled and uploaded to the post event portal, ususally during the week after the conference.

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