Better Boards Conference 2024

Better Boards Conference 2024 Master the Art of the Boardroom SYDNEY, 14 & 15 JUNE 2024


Creating Dynamic Boards Ready for Success

Chris Scott

Executive Director, Turner Scott Consulting Pty Ltd

Chris is an inspirational, results-driven business development leader specialising in organisational alignment to strategic intent. His resolve is to inspire good governance leadership and executive team performance to ensure results-oriented business outcomes.

Chris is passionate about empowering organisations to reach their potential. Working with and guiding board directors, executives and senior leaders within an organisation to create exceptional success. He firmly believes that the path to business success is empowerment over power...great leaders inspire leadership qualities in others' capability to lead.

Chris brings more than 22 years experience as a Chief Executive in the health and corporate sector underpinned by a strong foundation of academic success. He has gathered a myriad of skills and experiences which places him at the forefront to be a significant and practical resource for any business entity seeking tangible results.

The board room and the governance process is becoming more and more complicated. This constant drive for efficiency and effectiveness, engagement, and success continue to pressure board’s and director’s into greater achievements.

Conflict is inevitable given the individual characteristics of directors and the complexity of the issues being addressed.

It is therefore inherent on board chairs and directors to work in synergy and push themselves outside their comfort zones. It is at this level that director dynamics, behaviors and culture becomes an essential element of board selection and operations process.

In this presentation Chris will provide the essential elements to ensuring board dynamic are achieved. Participants will take-away:

  • valuable insights into the importance of how to measure and determine director motivations and drivers,
  • and learn how to harness those characteristics and achieve harmony in board performances.

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Master the art of the boardroom

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