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Better Boards Conference 2024 Master the Art of the Boardroom SYDNEY, 14 & 15 JUNE 2024


Building Organisational Health through Strategy, Culture and Values Alignment

Jonathon Peatfield


Jonathon (Jono) grew up in rural NSW, is a natural leader with a passion and commitment to assisting young people in the community. He is the lucky father of two and wants them, along with all kids to grow up feeling empowered to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Jono has been working with the Thrive by Five movement to promote equitable and affordable access to early learning so that every child can thrive. After a career in sales and account management in the commercial sector, Jonathon followed his passion and joined batyr (a social enterprise that focuses on preventative education in the area of young people's mental health) as their Head of Partnerships in 2015.

Having supported and lead significant growth in the organisation, Jonathon took on a new leadership role as CEO of Life Education NSW/ACT, looking to build on the iconic Healthy Harold program, ensuring that kids are empowered to make healthy and safe decisions. Life Education engages around 280,00 students across NSW/ACT each year focusing on physical, social and emotional wellbeing, supporting schools and teachers to equip kids with vital life skills.

Strategy, culture and values are usually key elements to any board and executive planning days, but how many organisations actually get the mix right and have a focus on these areas all year round?

It can’t just be a conversation that is had in the board room or in an annual review meeting, it needs to be intentionally embedded within the way the organisation runs. If it is, the results can be incredible.

Most NFPs run very lean, so it can be hard to dedicate time to nonessential operational matters, so how do you create an environment where strategy, culture and values are part of the everyday?

At Life Ed NSW/ACT we have been working on this for the past five years, taking time to ensure that the team, exec and board are all aligned on the journey we are on. To track this we have participated in the McKinsey organisational health Index global survey, in 2021 and again in 2023. The survey looks at an organisation’s overall health, how well it aligns around a common direction, adapts to external shifts, executes with excellence, and renews itself to sustainably achieve performance aspirations. The survey has had over 8 million responses and compares results across countries, sectors and organisational size. In both 2021 and 2023 LifeEd NSW/ACT scored 93/100 placing us in the top 10% of all global participating organisations.

Join Jono to hear how to ensure that strategy, culture and values drive performance and outcomes, and aren’t just tag lines people throw around in meetings.

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