Director Financial Literacy

Director Financial Literacy

Jackie Bettington

Jackie Bettington

Researcher & Sessional Lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology

Better Boards is pleased to present "Director Financial Literacy" in partnership with Jackie Bettington, Researcher & Sessional Lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology.

Each individual director is required by law to be able to ‘read and understand financial statements’. But how much does each individual director without an accounting background need to know to meet this legal threshold, and how does a director know if he or she has the requisite capability for monitoring their organisation’s finances?

To help directors answer these questions researchers at Queensland University of Technology have developed a competency framework for director financial literacy and a simple online test for assessing whether directors are financially literate.

During this webinar Jackie Bettington will discuss the specific threshold concepts and principles directors need to know so they can independently draw conclusions about their organisation’s solvency, performance and position. An overview of how to access and use the director financial literacy test will be presented along with tips and hints on how individual directors and boards can develop their director financial literacy.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Competency Framework
  • Financial Literacy Assessment Test
  • Specific threshold concepts and principles
  • To draw conclusions in relation to solvency, performance, position
  • Further Developing your Financial Literacy

About the Presenter
Jackie Bettington

Jackie Bettington is a researcher and sessional lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology. Her research interests are corporate governance, business ethics and boards of directors.

In 2015 Jackie completed a Research Masters in which she developed a director financial literacy competency framework for directors serving boards in Australia, including the governing bodies of nonprofit organisations.

She is now mid-way through a PhD on director financial literacy. More specifically Jackie is investigating the relationship between financially literate directors, board dynamics and the financial monitoring performance of individual directors and boards. Her purpose is to establish the extent to which individual directors in Australia are financially literate and whether being financially literate actually makes a difference in boardroom.

Over the past 20 years Jackie has served as a director and chair on a number of nonprofit boards including boards of professional associations, heritage organisations and providers of residential care and support to children and young people. She also has extensive professional experience in information governance law, policy and practice in the public, nonprofit and commercial sectors.


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