Articles by Moya Sayer-Jones

Moya is regarded as one of Australiasia’s leading experts for NFP’s and purposeful people. She founded in 2005 after gathering a collection of stories about families suffering disadvantage. She’d probably describe that experience as an epiphany (if she was sure how to spell it).

Her visionary clients come from all sectors and include NSW Cancer Council, Uniting, Victorian Women’s Trust, Department of Veterans Affairs, Queensland Mental Health & the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs. Over the years, she has developed deep understanding of the sector and the passionate humans who want to make an impact. And feel the joy of making a difference.

Her first career was as a novelist (Penguin, Allen & Unwin), comic columnist and screenwriter. As the original Modern Guru for The Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend magazine, Moya mused on the mercurial dynamics of human behaviour and her own stories. These days, she is focused on helping other stories be told and heard.

Moya inspires brains to roam outside the box and encourages those brains to enjoy the feeling.

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