Organisational Transformation Panel

Organisational Transformation Panel

Successfully navigate disruption and discontinuous change

Aaron Goldsworthy

Aaron Goldsworthy

Senior Consultant @ Australian Strategic Services

Better Boards is pleased to present "Organisational Transformation Panel" in partnership with Aaron Goldsworthy, Senior Consultant @ Australian Strategic Services.

Many not-for-profit (NFPs) organisations were perfectly adapted to the industries or sectors in which they operated. However recent State and/or Commonwealth government reforms to create customer-driven, competitive market places are colliding with customer expectations and requirements, along with dramatic shifts in technology.

Never before have directors, CEOs and executives/senior teams faced such significant strategic and organisational challenges, having to ‘work in the business, on the business and transform the business’.

Consequently there is a need to drive transformational change, develop new service/business models and grow existing and develop new services, along with addressing legacy issues. In essence organisations are facing massive disruption and discontinuous change, whilst many industries/sectors consolidate.

The director’s, CEO’s & executives/senior teams of leading and upper following organisations, which are more commonly disruptive organisations, have completed or already commenced their transformations, whilst adapting to the customer driven, competitive marketplace. They are acknowledged for their unique and innovative service/business models, strategic success and financial sustainability.

Typically these leaders:

  • explore, co-design/develop and implement:

    • a strategic change management / transformational plan which articulates clearly how and why, culture, policy, procedures and technologies need to change
    • as part of the above plan develop their new service/business models not just against a renewed or new vision, but against comprehensive customer centric data and analytics, be it socio-economic health determinants, market categories or customer insights or other data and information; and
  • determine the various forms of capital and capability which need to be adapted, strengthened or reconfigured to implement the plan

  • adopt the above approaches in order to provide a strategic platform upon which their business model and its strategies and projects can be developed and propelled,

  • develop or obtain technology and digital solutions that benefit both the customer and the organisation.

Coming to grips with the strategic realities and practicalities of the circumstances described, and executing a successful organisational transformation will require leaders to undertake the necessary strategic thinking, strategic discussions and strategic decisions, in essence bold discussions and brave decisions.

Join Michael Goldsworthy, Paul Ostrowski and Dr Craig Furneaux for this powerful, insightful and thought provoking panel session that will explore a range of practical considerations, strategies and tools to assist directors, CEOs and senior teams/executives as they undertake the journey to a customer driven, competitive marketplace whilst re-engineering their business model, re-inventing/enhancing their culture and transitioning their people.


Aaron Goldsworthy – Senior Consultant @ Australian Strategic Services (Panel Moderator)

Aaron Goldsworthy A Senior Consultant with Australian Strategic Services for over 5 years Aaron assists boards and individual directors to not only understand what their duties at law are but the future aged care and healthcare looks like. He has worked with a wide variety of aged care and health care boards, chief executive officers and executives on a range of projects including detailed review of where the Board’s or organisations documentation and processes sit against standards, quality frameworks and legislation, board assessments and reviews, drafting and documenting enterprise/organisation wide governance and risk management frameworks, strategic planning, business development, amalgamations and mergers and industry big picture trends and research.

Paul Ostrowski - Chief Executive Officer @ Care Connect

Paul Ostrowski Paul is Chief Executive Officer at the Care Connect Group, Australia’s largest independent homecare provider operating entirely on the ‘connector model’. With 20 years international experience in private health and homecare, Paul has a strong track record in building leading health service organisations. With the ongoing developments in Aged and Disability services, Paul and his team are focused on reinforcing the organisation’s role as an Independent Advisor and Service Connector, supporting people to build effective plans for their future, connect with the best providers in their community and ensure they’re living their life, through their choices and in their way.

Michael Goldsworthy - Principal @ Australian Strategic Services

Michael Goldsworthy A visionary, an entrepreneurial strategist, a big picture thinker, Michael is widely known by directors, chief executive officers and executives of community businesses (NFPs) throughout Australia for his comprehensive understanding of the big picture and his strategic insights into the current and future trends and dynamics of residential care, home care, disability, hospitals, health care and related human service industries/sectors and organisations. Michael is an engaging, educative and strategic opinion leader, his primary modus operandi are facilitating, strategically advising and/or project managing projects or workshops. His significant ability to influence individuals or teams, frameworks and opinions, and provide practical strategies and tools is extensively acknowledged by leaders. He has a demonstrable track record of turning theory into practice, ensuring leaders balance their “heads and hearts”, that is business and service objectives.

Dr Craig Furneaux - Associate Professor @ School of Accountancy, Faculty of Business and Law at Queensland University of Technology Craig Furneaux

Dr Craig Furneaux is an Associate Professor with the School of Accountancy, Faculty of Business and Law at Queensland University of Technology. He is also Subject Area Coordinator for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies and is a member of the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies. Craig has over 30 years’ experience leading innovation in, and researching with, nonprofit organisations. Craig research focus is on accountability, capability and change in nonprofits organisations and social enterprises. He is also interested in faith-based charities in civil society.


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