Clear, Effective and Welcome Board Papers

Clear, Effective and Welcome Board Papers

Josh Dowse

Josh Dowse

Clarity Thought Partners

Better Boards is pleased to present "Clear, Effective and Welcome Board Papers" in partnership with Josh Dowse, Clarity Thought Partners.

Imagine sitting on a board and spending your Sunday reading the ‘papers’ for the meeting on Tuesday – an all too familiar experience for those who give up their time as board members for an invaluable NFP. Your task is to read hundreds of detailed pages, of varying quality, formats and styles, with important matters sometimes intentionally buried. And, you may be personally liable for the implications of their content.

How welcome it would be to come across a paper that had everything you needed to know logically set out on the first page, backed up with details that followed the same clear structure. You could see instantly what was being asked (or reported) and why, and drill down only as you wanted or needed.

In this webinar you will learn a proven way for preparing board papers (or similar internal memos) that do their job. It will take you through the six essential steps, enabling you to start preparing your own board paper as you go:

  1. Commission the paper with a clear sense of purpose and timing.
  2. Create a storyline that sets out what you want to say in the paper.
  3. Test that storyline with all relevant stakeholders, and confirm it.
  4. Draft the board paper as guided by the storyline.
  5. Test specific elements of the board paper with specific stakeholders, and
  6. Where necessary, present the paper.

The webinar will be invaluable both for people that are presenting to boards, and for boards who want to improve the quality of what they receive, and the process that delivers that quality.

About the Presenter
Josh Dowse

Josh Dowse has 30 years’ experience helping leaders and teams think through and communicate clearly on the things that matter most to them. He delivers lively, interactive Clarity workshops and learning programs, and creates clear and engagement communications based on transparent logic. He has previously worked as a lawyer and a non-fiction publisher at Allen & Unwin, and is now a Clarity Thought Partner and Head of ESG for SenateSHJ. He has also served on the boards of a local sporting and national disability organisation.


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