Dealing with Deviant Directors

Dealing with Deviant Directors

Sallie Saunders

Sallie Saunders

Consultant at Building Better Boards

Better Boards is pleased to present "Dealing with Deviant Directors" in partnership with Sallie Saunders, Consultant at Building Better Boards.

Deviant directors are those whose personal agendas, poor interpersonal skills and/or conflicts of interest work against their ability to serve the organisation effectively.

Disruptive and deviant board members can slow the progress of board meetings, irritate fellow directors, alienate new members and eventually cripple the work of the board. The organisation’s effectiveness can be threatened. Deviant board members present a chronic problem meeting after meeting. They are often unresponsive to polite attempts to negotiate or resolve conflicts. Ignoring this problem will not make it go away.

Avoiding the issue is not an option for the diligent board. Every board member is charged with safeguarding the organisation’s integrity, advancing the mission and safeguarding resources, including time and talent.

This webinar offers board members and the CEO assistance with carrying out this duty. We will explore some of the tools for managing troublesome behaviour and develop some preventative strategies that can avoid problems from the outset.

About the Presenter
Sallie Saunders

Sallie has over 45 years’ experience in and with not-for-profit organisations as a manager and board director and as a senior manager in the public sector. This informed her 14 years as an academic in not-for-profit governance and management and adult education at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Since 2004 Sallie has provided consultancy services and training to boards and CEOs in hundreds of not-for-profit organisations across Australia and internationally. Sallie’s expertise includes professional development for NFP directors and senior managers, board room culture and dynamics, policies and procedures for contemporary NFP governance, and strategic planning.


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