Aaron Hurst on Creating Purpose

Published: January 11, 2016

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In this video, Aaron Hurst – CEO & Co-Founder of Imperative and author of The Purpose Economy – outlines the value to individuals and organisations of finding and creating purpose in your work.

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It’s up to you to create that purpose. It’s not about getting to some level, some amount of money purpose is your choice, we need to let go of these three myths and realise purpose is not about a cause you don’t need a non-profit or charity to give you purpose you don’t need to get struck by lightning and you don’t need to have a certain amount of money or title to deserve or develop purpose once we let go of those everyone has ability and access to purpose and this matters because it’s tied to how long you live people who work and live with purpose live longer and their well-being is higher and in studies we’re now doing with companies like LinkedIn we’re finding people who work a purpose are higher performers than those who aren’t. We’re finding they’re better for the culture they are better in every single way that we can measure people who work with purpose.


Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Hurst is CEO of Imperative, a technology platform helping organisations build cultures alive with purpose. He is also the founder of the Taproot Foundation and author of The Purpose Economy. Aaron also served on the board of Boardsource. Follow him on Twitter: @Aaron_Hurst.

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