Stress Management for Directors

Stress Management for Directors

How to thrive in the face of overload, uncertainty, and politicised environments

Nigel Donovan

Nigel Donovan

Executive Coach @ Donovan Ataraxy

Live On: 28 April 2023 @ 1pm - 2pm (AEST)

1 - 3 people: $79.00 per person
4 - 10 people: $300.00 for the group

Better Boards is pleased to present "Stress Management for Directors" in partnership with Nigel Donovan, Executive Coach @ Donovan Ataraxy.

Board directors at NFPs have a lot to contend with. And at times it can feel overwhelming.

Many directors serve because of their personal commitment to the NFPs mission. At the same time, they have busy work lives and are juggling work-life balance.

Then there are the board challenges:

  • Post Covid many NFPs are under financial pressure.
  • The changing nature of board obligations from what you knew to what you should know
  • The sheer volume of board papers to digest – or lack thereof
  • A lack of clarity about the role of board vs management.

In this webinar, Nigel will explain how stress affects the brain, causing isolation, communication difficulties, and reduced problem-solving abilities. He’ll then share strategies to help shift mindsets, leading to increased confidence, clarity, and connection, more efficient problem solving, and a better work-life balance.

About the Presenter
Nigel Donovan

Nigel Donovan is an experienced personal leadership coach. He works primarily with CEOs, general managers, and their executive teams. He is a personal trainer for mental fitness. He helps people become more open, flexible, and authentic; able to respond to change and thrive. Nigel has extensive experience working in the not-for profit space. He was at the forefront of helping organisations transition through the introduction of the NDIS. He understands your world.


28 April 2023 @ 1pm - 2pm (AEST)

What is included:

Everyone who registers for the webinar (even if you can’t make the live stream) will receive access to:

  • A recording of the webinar*
  • A PDF copy of the slide deck
*for up to one month after the live webinar date

All amounts are in AUD

Individual (1 - 3 people): $79.00 per person
Whole board (4 - 10 people): $300.00 for the group
Max. group size of 10 ppl per group registration. Must all be from the same organisation

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