Understanding the Role of the Chair

Understanding the Role of the Chair

George Liacos

George Liacos

Founder and Chair @ Spark Strategy

Better Boards is pleased to present "Understanding the Role of the Chair" in partnership with George Liacos, Founder and Chair @ Spark Strategy.

In this comprehensive and practical session, George will share his personal experience and insights from his time as the chair of several not-for-profit organisations. He will discuss the challenges and successes he has encountered in the chair role, and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way.

George will delve into the specific responsibilities and perspective of the chair and also discuss:

  • Motivating volunteer directors to actively participate and get ‘hands on’

  • NFP risk appetite as a form of ‘success prevention’.

  • The long standing chief executive officer

  • Discussing the importance of lived experience and how it can support the chair role

  • Steps and considerations involved in aspiring to or taking on the chair role

  • Addressing the importance of strategic thinking in the not-for-profit context and providing practical tips and strategies for achieving success in this area

Join us for a valuable and engaging session that will provide all attendees the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights and knowledge from George’s extensive experience as a not-for-profit board chair.

About the Presenter
George Liacos

George Liacos is the Chair and Founder of social business advisory firm, Spark Strategy. George brings a wealth of expertise in supporting organisations to be more sustainable and impactful through innovative and collaborative business models. Spark has been advising organisations for over 20 years and does so from a practical, action-oriented perspective. George is a serial entrepreneur with experience leading $100m+ entities overseas and in Australia. Previously National Partner for Business Transformation at Grant Thornton, George is now a champion of the B Corp movement, working across the not-for-profit and private sectors, as well as with government and philanthropy to create profit for purpose business models to solve social problems.


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