The Chair-CEO Relationship Roundtable

The Chair-CEO Relationship Roundtable

Carmel Molloy (Roundtable Host)

Carmel Molloy (Roundtable Host)

CEO The NonProfit Alliance

Better Boards is pleased to present "The Chair-CEO Relationship Roundtable" in partnership with Carmel Molloy (Roundtable Host), CEO The NonProfit Alliance.

The Chair-CEO Relationship: The struggle between constants & variables in uncertain times

The CEO-Chair relationship is a huge determinant of organisational culture and sustainability in times of uncertainty.

As the not for profit sector strives for balance between managing constant business disruptions and building sustainable future-focussed organisations, we have been challenged in ways that none of us could have imagined. Strategic priorities have been re-assessed, and the leadership strength and dynamic of the CEO-Chair relationship has been tested.

What happens when multiple variables come into play? How do you maintain a balanced and supportive CEO-Chair relationship that will positively impact on the wellbeing and mental health of your leaders; and the overall sustainability and cohesion of your organisation and its people? And when faced with adversity, how do the CEO and Chair ensure alignment on purpose; people; context and relevance; and the delineation of roles and responsibilities?

In this session we will explore:

  • How the fundamentals of a successful CEO-Chair relationship have been challenged during Covid.
  • Whether the need to build more sustainable, future-focussed organisations warrants a more hands on approach by our Chairs and Boards?
  • What key pressure points have emerged for the CEO-Chairs relationship during the Covid crisis?
  • Who best decides if the existing strategy; business models; and people practices will allow your organisation to thrive in an uncertain future?
  • How can CEOs and Chairs set themselves up for leadership success, despite uncertainty?

Join Carmel Molloy, Gavin Coopey, Mark Spurr, and Leanne Warner as they share the many common themes that have emerged during the Covid crisis; and provide insights and advice on the key pressure points and how to navigate through them.


Carmel Molloy – CEO The NonProfit Alliance (NPA)

Carmel MolloyCarmel’s NFP career includes CEO and C-Suite roles with national and international NGO’s including World Animal Protection, Australia for UNHCR, Camp Quality; Starlight Children’s Foundation; and Kids Helpline.

Roundtable Guests

Mark Spurr – NPA Chair

Mark Spurr Mark has over 30 years of organisational leadership and Board experience including roles of Director, Managing Director/CEO and Company Secretary in Commercial, Not-for-Profit and International Business Councils. Mark is passionate about values-based leadership in creating culture and strategy for sustainable outcomes in challenging environments.

Gavin Coopey – NPA Chair; Director More Strategic

Gavin Coopey Gavin is an experienced consultant and social researcher who has helped many teams develop strategic approaches to marketing communications, innovation and consumer-led culture change. During a diverse career, Gavin worked in various Marketing and Communications roles in the UK and Australian not-for-profit sectors.

Leanne Warner – NPA Chair; Lead Navigator Buoyancy Consulting

Leanne Warner Leanne is an experienced leader, facilitator and coach who is passionate about developing people and organisations. A former CEO and Board Chair, Leanne has founded and led some of Australia’s leading charities, non-profit networks and leadership forums. Leanne has held positions as CEO of Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, and CEO and General Manager of Cure Cancer Australia and Camp Quality.

Carmel is a Board Director and Advisor; Social Entrepreneur; CEO; and accredited Strengths Practitioner. Her love of the for purpose sector and her breadth of understanding and experience has seen her become one of the sectors highly regarded specialists in organisational leadership, strengths and strategic prioritisation. Carmel’s NFP career includes CEO and C-Suite roles with national and international NGO’s including World Animal Protection, Australia for UNHCR, Camp Quality; Starlight Children’s Foundation; and Kids Helpline.


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