The Role of the Board in Not-for-Profit Strategic Planning

The Role of the Board in Not-for-Profit Strategic Planning

Randall Pearce

Randall Pearce

Managing Director @ THINK: Insight & Advice

Better Boards is pleased to present "The Role of the Board in Not-for-Profit Strategic Planning" in partnership with Randall Pearce, Managing Director @ THINK: Insight & Advice.

While the constitutions and governance charters of many not-for-profit organisations give responsibility for the development of a strategic plan to the Board of Directors, there is precious little advice about exactly how Board’s should approach this critical task. Can the Board delegate responsibility for strategic planning to management? Or, must it be integrally involved in its development? Do the director’s views alone determine the strategic direction or do they have an obligation to reach out to members and stakeholders to inform their views? Hear Randall Pearce, Managing Director of THINK: Insight & Advice speak to these and other issues of interest to not-for-profit directors and CEOs.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • What is the scope of strategic planning? Does it include business-as-usual? Or, does it only include new initiatives?
  • How to involve other stakeholders in the strategic planning process before, during and after the strategic planning workshop?
  • How to ensure that there is sufficient budget to implement the strategic plan and how to incorporate strategic initiatives into annual program plans and budgets.

About the Presenter
Randall Pearce

Randall Pearce is one of Australia’s foremost experts in not-for-profit management. A former association CEO, management consultant, board chair and executive coach, Randall has worked to maximise the performance and governance of some of the nation’s top peak bodies, associations, NGOs and government agencies since founding THINK in 2006. Randall uses insight from research to inform the strategic advice he provides and connects it to the latest thinking in not-for-profit management.


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